Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A little tribute to Diong of Objects and Pixels :-)

She is writing something on that keychain...errr, what could it be?

Tadaaaa!!! (*thanks miss for modeling for me, can't thank you enough*)

A little tribute for one of my favorite blogs. (yey!) Thanks again for the wonderful work of arts. :-)


Ernesto said...

Nice black and white pics!!

Diong said...

A blog post for me... Thanks! Love the shots!

Ferdz said...

Oh cool! Kala ko sya yan. I visited her site. Galing nga!

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
I hope its not too presumptuous of me to say she is gorgeous!
Lovely relaxed and comfortable images Rayts, that give us but a small glimpse of your friend and photography colleague.
Is she an arts and craft designer?
Or is this her signing something bought for you?

rayts said...

thanks! what an icon pic to have. ;)

you are most welcome. and thanks for checking this post out.

si Diong ay lalaki. :)

sorry for the lack of posted information. first of all, Diong is a man (you can check out his link below, he has really some of the great work of art i have seen whether it's photography or painting.

meanwhile, the girl in the photo is a vendor. Her little store by the street specializes in personalized keychains. It's personalized because the buyer can request to write anything on it. Anything under the sun. In this case, I bought two...the pencil, with Diong's name on it and the woodcut with the name of his blog, Objects and Pixels.

and no, you're not being presumptous. she is indeed beautiful and she was very much willing to model for me even though the guys at the back tease her.

pieterbie said...

I like these two shots: the build up in the first and then the result with the good looking girl and the guy looking amused in the background. The focus is just perfect. Good choice for B&W, very nice contrast in the photos, good conversion!

tien said...

the girl looked very focused in her work...love the pics as usual :D

rayts said...

thanks. appreciate your comment. i really do. ;)

thanks...she is focused and very friendly. ;)

Sidney said...

Indeed, Diong is a great artist !
I am sure he will like the gift !

ndiginiz said...

Oh how silly I feel! 8)
My apologies to Diong

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