Monday, June 25, 2007

It does rain in some parts of the country


This time around it should be raining. Raining hard. Because it's supposed to be the rainy season. But then again, the weather has become erractic in most cases. In some parts of the country it's raining but in Quezon City, most of the time it's not.

This weekend, I went to Taft and took the bus ride home from there, when a few minutes after the bus left the terminal, the rain poured. Wah, I loved it. :-) Water was splashing through the bus window. The guy in front of me was sound asleep. His head was stooping down the glass window. When we reached the Luzon Expressway, the weather was hot as hell. Oh well.


I finally had the time to go and see Ocean's 13. I don't know what to expect. I loved the first 2 sequels that is why I was really hoping to see what Sodenbergh is up to this time. But after I've seen Spiderman 3, Shrek 3, and Pirates of the Carribean 3...I was really hoping for the worst this time. But then again, it was good to know that after I went out of the cinema, I was still smiling even on my way down to the escalator. So much so that, I treated myself to 2 pieces of Breadtalk. Man, George Clooney is really smokin'!!!. My eyes were seriously glued when he's on the screen. Shoot.


tutubi said...

same movies pala nakita natin (except shrek 3)

movie spree din ako in a long time
spiderman, pirates, ocean's 13 then fantastic foud

transformers kasunod :)

tien said...

haha, the weather has been out of sorts over here in singapore as well. we are having all the humid weather at the moment, then switching to heavy downpour the next...just to share, i also concuss in the bus when i'm the way to too early, you see :D

Ling said...

Hey there! Thanks for your comment in my photoblog. I love this shot. so nostalgic. B&W shots are simply amazing. Great composition.

Are you from singapore?
Anyways, I haven't watched Ocean's 13 but i can't wait. Pirates 3 was a big let down. :(

lino said...

seems like the guy was really snoozed... hehehe. havnt seen oceans 13 nor 12... but i liked 11...:)

Toe said...

It hasn't been raining here in Cambodia either though we ought to be in the middle of the monsoon season. I hate it when it rains though because the streets always get flooded. Oh, I have to watch Ocean's 13 too... no movie house though... so will try to get hold of the DVD. :)

rayts said...

wala ka namang na-miss sa Shrek 3 except the fact that Shrek and Fiona got three little ogres. yun lang. inantok pa ko. buti pa yung Shrek 1, nakakatawa, single pa nun si Shrek. Onga transformers this week.

you concuss? maybe if i am near any hard object like the glass window but if i am next to a human being, his/her shoulder will get the bruise, my head droops hard and abrupt that any shoulder would give out. i had people complaining to me before. but what can i do? snoozing inside an aircon bus is the best.

hi. thanks for posting back. Tien here is from Singapore. Me, on the other hand comes from Timbuktu...just kidding. Philippines is where my home is. I am glad you think Pirates 3 is a let down cause i think not so many people think so. it doesn't help that Johnny Depp is there, isn't?

the art of stealing , and doing it with poise...that, i think, is the whole essence of these films. which in my opinion is hardly done in real life. why? because it's a movie. that is all it is. a movie.

umuulan ba dyan around October-November?

pieterbie said...

Ha, Rayts is a Clooney fan.
I saw Quentin Tarantino's "From Dusk till Dawn" with Clooney last weekend.
I thinkt Q & C are at their best in that film. Weird picture though, you have to like the type.

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