Thursday, June 21, 2007

When leaf cries...



You are my sweetest downfall

I loved you first. I loved you first

Beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth

I have to go, I have to go

Your hair was long when we first met...

- regina spektor (samson)

I just cant't help it. I can't help singing this song all day. It wasn't even raining. And I wasn't even in the mood but, surprisingly, I really like the voice of Regina Spektor. God, she's an angel. She makes me feel high for (even) a fleeting moment. Could she be real?


ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
I love the separation of these beads of water from each other and inherently from their source, theres a strange dissociation in that quality that begs to be comprehended in the ability of how something survives away from its source and lifeline. Like the prelude to a end these drops denote the breaking down of the structure of existence that has been separated by others elements (an interaction). The job now is to affect as much of the other elements as they can before they themselves decease in being.

I'm glad you find some solace in music Rayts, its important to affect our senses in any manner we can. It allows us to feel alive!

pieterbie said...

This leaf photo is really great, you know. Such a limited surface, and yet you manage to combine sharpness, where it matters, with blur as you look to the outer limits of the leaf and photo.
Good saturation as well, and the patterns in the leaf, the texture is really very interesting, with the various shades of green evolving into the yellow or ocre? Is that the right expression for this yellow? I know in Dutch that it is oker, but I'm not really sure about the English, I should look it up.

Ferdz said...

Very nice title ha! Bagay sa picture. Nakakatuwa talaga yang si Regina. Para syang funky version ni tori amos. Galing!

rayts said...

you know why i took this shot? it was the ability of this particular leaf to exactly do what you have just describe. instinctively, due to the waxy characteristics of its epidermis, the leaf is able to separate water into little globular water, like tears. the fact that the leaf itself is a variegated is a bonus, thus the yellow-green combo color. i really like the way you put meanings into my images ndiginiz. i know i told you that already but emphasis won't hurt. again, thanks for always looking and leaving notes.

and yes, i don't only find solace in music, i find life and meanings in it. sometimes i imbibe it too much that at some point, i become the music. ;-)

do you mean ocher? but that is moderate orange yellow. i dunno. i am not familiar with that English word myself. :-) but my father, who is the gardener and who takes care of this particular plant inside his greenhouse in which i took the shot, calls this "variegated" plant which usually takes on the yellow and green pigments in one leaf.i am not familiar with the knowhow of botany myself although i took intro courses on it, still. i don't even know the name of this plant and it's all over our place. ha!

uy kilala mo si Spektor? anti-folk daw siya. i mean, at least that is what she claims. you're right, she's the funky version of tori amos and fiona apple. she plays the piano so well. and yet her album is like a mix of rock, ballad, emo, etc. galing.

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