Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dull and broken


I found a butterfly hovering around the garden. It chose to perch on a plant with no flowers. No flower to sip some nectar from. I wonder. It's dull and its other wing is broken.

I notice that I am attracted to everything that is dull and broken. I don't know if it's a bad thing or what, but I am definitely seeing a pattern.



pieterbie said...

I don't think this butterfly is dull and broken. It represents the extremities of colour. And its 0-value is very deep and shiny, I wouldn't call it dull.
Its 255-value is very bright.
I like the symmetry of the fence behind the plant and butterfly.
Perhaps it doesn't liker flowers. Perhaps just like you have vegetarian people this butterfly is carnivorous?

rayts said...

hi Peter,

well, i said it's dull simply because it's not as colorful as the other butterflies i've seen...colorful meaning there's more than two shades (at least). i say it's broken, because the the left wing is literally broken. the way i wrote it, the words 'dull and broken' seem all too literal but in all its perpetuity, i am all being rhetoric and figurative. could be about the butterfly or could be that i am talking about something else, say me for example.

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