Monday, July 23, 2007

One particular saturday morning...


...and I must have been a fool to overly dramatize this scene once again. He sings that one particular piece everytime I passed by this overpass. It must be his repertoire for the day. I believe I have heard it thrice already. I took this shot anticipating that someone (his guide perhaps) would shoo me away or tell me not to take his photo. Fortunately, no one did. But as expected, people who were passing by gave me "the face". But I was used it.


The Harry Potter book is out. I asked my sister if she could chip in some money so that we could immediately buy a copy of the book. To save us from spoilers and hullabaloos. But she won't budge in. I actually expected it, what I didn't expect is her words telling me that she's not the type of person who would go out of her way to buy an expensive book. She was talking about me, of course. She said, she'd rather borrow the book even though it would take her a while. I understand her...I really do. One thing I realized though is that, when it comes to buying books, we're never on the same line. I am impulsive.

P.S. I featured an image on poverty and on another end I am all enamored in buying a 1,480-peso worth of book. Ironic.


haggis basher said...

Thats the Philippines!
You go to Fully Booked or NBS pick up a couple of interesting books. Then you see some poor soul begging in the street and realize that the price of the books would feed there family for a couple of weeks! The divide between the have's and have nots is massive is the Philippines.

objpix said...

Very good street shot! Blue and yellow for the main subject, everybody else is wearing white... di ko pa rin kaya kumuha ng ganito... yup I know "the face".

I'm reading the book... noon share kami ng sister ko sa isang book... not this time, bumili kami pareho :-)

pieterbie said...

Nice shot, even with the kid's face under the umbrella, you can still clearly see his face, well done!
The singer in my photo was actually singing, not announcing.
He headed a street brass band, he sang well. The performance was ludicrous, but the players were really good musicians. It was the first act we saw and a good start to a good day.
I understand perfectly what you say about books. To be honest I'll have to start being a bit more careful, with my son starting at university I've a big chunk of my available budget that will be going in that direction.
Normally we await the Dutch translation of the HP books. It is easier for my kids, the youngest one in particular. But the Dutch version will be out in November. So my wife is seriously contemplating buying the original version :-)

Toe said...

That's okay Ratys! It's a book. And a Harry Potter book at that. You could read it and learn from it and be enriched by it spiritually and intellectually and it will be with your forever. You could pass it on to your children. It's not like you're buying cigarettes or beer.

I'm impulsive with books too. :)

darrix said...

My wifey preordered the book online (Wal-Mart) but it did not arrive in the morning of Saturday and she was already itching to read the book, so I had to drive her to th bookstore to pick up another copy ;) We ended up returning the copy we bought from Wal-Mart ;) toink

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Yes I tend to agree with Toe Rayts in that once you have it it's your forever! Like he suggests it could be passed on to following generations of family members.
My impromptu thing is music whereas I use to spend almost all my money on it. I'd even go without food to purchase and listen to music. now all I do is download it.

Ferdz said...

I think a lot of people are going gaga over this last HP book. Can't blame them since it's the final installment. People are actually isolating themselves to avoid any spoilers they might encounter. Download mo na lang yung Audio book, me nakita na ata ako. hahaha

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