Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Talking about moral economy and emotional interactions


In the book, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Nietzsche said that:

"Beggars should be abolished: it is irritating to give to them and it is irritating not to."

Do you agree?!

People act on sympathy and pity...the greatest emotional blackmail.


Ferdz said...

Hey I also have that Zarathustra book which I got for 20 pesos ata sa booksale. Di ko natapos basahin eh. Hahaha.

Nice photo. Having that guy limp guy in the foreground greatly accentuated the drama of the picture.

For the beggar thingy though. Like we have any control on abolishing them? hehe paano?

pieterbie said...

The fair city of Brussels is so full of beggars that I have chose to ignore them. I cannot give, because I know Brussels is a hive for organised begging, it is all part of the trade in people.
It is a job, most beggars are placed there by a guy or gang who controls the area. It is like a pimp in prostitution. I guess the druks begging are authentic, but then giving them money won't help, it'll only help them buy their next can of cheap beer or a cheap bottle of wine.
It is a poor world, the gap between rich and poor is bigger than ever.
I worry about what camera and lenses I should buy, some worry about where the next scrap of food will come from.
Should I hate myself?
I'm sorry, I don't really.
I'll need to think about this.
Good photo, Rayts, love the umbrellas and people in the background!

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