Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Pink Guy


I caught this particular scene while I was waiting for the bus to arrive. I was on my way to Manila. The boy on the bike was caught unguarded that he made a second look at me, giving me the puzzled look, right after he passed by. His face seems to say: "What the heck is this dumb-looking girl doing taking my picture?"


Here he me THE look!


pieterbie said...

His face seems just a bit too dark in the first photo. Love "the look" in the second photo. I hope he didn't crash in to anything.
I realize that these are "action" photo's. I find the composition in both very good. You got the head and the powering foot in in photo 2, which is good. You left a bit of space in the direction he is heading, which is also good.
And the bottom parts of cars give it that bit more realism, he is rinding a real road.

Diong said...

Perfect framing... the jeepney hindi nasa background nung boy... boy with bike, sakto sa frame... tapos top right corner, kita yung perspective nung road... galeng!

pieterbie said...

'Prachtig portret' is indeed Dutch for 'Beautiful portrait'.
You noticed rightly that Mädchen was indeed very much moving when I took the portrait. She doesn't stand or sit still a lot. So you have to be real quick to catch her.

Ferdz said...

Or maybe he's thinking "Is she admiring my pink shirt?" hehe.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
The pink is strong! I like the top image for it's spacing and continuity of the transport theme in three elements.
In this image he appears to be somewhat oblivious to your presence as if only acknowledging your whereabouts after he's passed you, perhaps something in the distance has his mind occupied at this point.
What I like about the bottom image is "the stare" and the speculation it provides in assumption by us as viewers.

tony said...

Ja! funny look!

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