Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ang sipit at ang langgam [The clip and the ants]


The clip and the ant. Both have the capabilities of hurting. But we can't blame them. Can we?They were created that way.

I’ve been bitten. Twice, thrice… and for the nth time the pain of being bitten has always been a discovery. Sometimes I cry for letting myself bitten. Self-reproach could be an indulging routine. Most of the time, I cry because I need a vent. Whatever the case, crying is a good thing. Especially when there’s nobody to hear.

My apathy have put me into a lot of troubles. Ignorance is never an excuse. I tend to hurt people nonetheless.



Sidney said...

The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.
-John Vance Cheney-

haggis basher said...

I've found the one that stings the most is the filipino who call's me a bastos! Really, these people should look in a mirror! The Filipino like's to be seen as extremely coutrious and polite the truth is very different.

By the way, all e-mail I send to you just bounces back.

my gulch said...

love that quote!

Hi Mike,
Sorry 'bout the inconvenience. I am having problems with my outgoing mails too. Could be that the gmail itself has the problem or our server. I think it's the former.

Anyway, being called a "bastos" whatever is the context does sting. I would be. Especially, if it was brought about by certain misconceptions and misunderstandings. But i guess it's bound to happen. I see where you're coming from. But whatever is the case, in as much as Filipinos are courteous and hospitable, we are very sensitive too, thus, we tend to resort to irrational things, even to the point of losing our breeding. ;-) And I must apologize for that. But I guess that's who we are. Every race has their own devils to reckon with.

Rey said...

It's ok to cry. Sometimes I do too. And it makes me go on further each time.

iskoo said...

kitang kita ang details lalo na ang langgam, normally kapag moving at ganyang kaliiit mahirap i-focus diba?
steady hand..

pieterbie said...

Worn, rusty and damaged clips.
I feel worn, rusty and damaged today. I have decided to stop playing badminton. My knee just hurts too much after I have played. I think I'll take up running again. The controlled movements of running will do me good. Wonderful use of DOF in this shot.
Hurting people. Really? What is hurt? How much pain is pain?
I don't know. What is the definition of pain? I think you have objective and subjective pain.

Tien said...

hmm...physical pain? pain in the heart? pain in the ass? hmm...let me think about it...

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