Friday, August 31, 2007

It's a book fair!


The country’s biggest, prestigious, and most anticipated book event is here once again, the 28th Manila International Book Fair. The event runs from August 29 to September 2 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City. It opens from 10 am to 8pm.


It features 300+ local and foreign exhibitors with thousands of book titles, the most number in any book exhibition ever held in the country.



Of course, two of the country's largest bookstore chains-- Powerbooks and National Bookstore (NBS), participated in the event, also the most highlighted with their huge booths which are simply hard to miss. Talking about the colors yellow-blue and red.


Also featured is the ASEAN Book Publishers Association with books from member-countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Bruenei, and Indonesia.


PSICOM Publishing Inc. invited us to attend the book fair for the launching and signing of our book, Sopas Muna (a collection of inspirational stories) along with the other titles which they recently released in the market, including: the best-seller book Wanda Ilusyunada (first gay lingo literature), Haunted Campus (horror), and comic books such--Topak, Torbik and Co., and Chopsticks.


Bebang, one of the authors of Sopas Muna, strikes a pose. And as we say it, a day is never complete without reading a piece of your daily pop lit. Grab a copy now. The book is (so) affordable. I am not advertising here, am I? ;-)


redge said...

I love books. I wish I could go there. Too bad I'm stuck here in Baguio.

Sidney said...

Where is the public? Was it before the official opening? I remember that there was a lot of people last year.

Nice to hear your book(s) is published! Nor sure if I can go this year but I assume they will also sell it in National Bookstore.
I could try my poor Tagalog on it.

Tien said...

i'm always excited about bookfairs. call me crazy but i really go nuts when i saw rows and rows of glorious books! history, self-enrichment, psychology, philosophy, new age...ooh, i'm so jealous of you

Daniel Ted said...

Oh books. I love books. It's a shame I can't go there.

iskoo said...

yan ang gusto ko sa mga bookfare, chance na ma meet yung author at pwede din pa-autograph at photograph!

Ferdz said...

Nakupo! Another book event I missed...

Ah teka me oras pa pala...hehe

pieterbie said...

I never go to book fairs. I just buy books :-)
I don't need a fair to inspire me to buy books.
Good shots, love the last one.
Splendid idea: shoot an author.

rayts said...

onga pero nasa Baguio naman ang sandamakmak na booksale. so ayos lang yun.

i got there around 6:45pm and the fair closes at 8pm so by the time I took the shots, there were a few customers left. plus, i make a point not to go to the crowded booths.

and yes! our book is available in any National Bookstores. it's written in colloquial Tagalog (or if you want to be politically correct, Filipino) so it's an easy read. I could send you copies if you like. thanks!

it's good to be crazy at books. we're both are.

Daniel Ted,
I can see that. But then again, this event is far somewhere else too.

tama ka. most of the authors of PSCICOM books are young so...they're easy to get along with ;-)

Dami dun photography books. and they are selling Lonely Planets books for 20% off. Powerbooks and NBS are on sale too so maybe you can catch the cheaper books there.

you're absoulutely right. but most of the bookfair goers are book lovers already. we practically go here just for the cheaper deal of books. and some of the books here are really hard to find. plus, i really like rubbing elbows with book lovers, they make me feel at ease. plus the smell of books really smell nice. but that's just me and my weirdness.;-)

hannisel said...


i bought ten sopas, pang regalo. mura nga siya, hehe. tanong mo sa nagbabantay, na weirduhan siguro siya sa akin

ate sel

ikaw ba si r**a? my first time to read you in filipino.

my gulch said...


haha. yea. and three other more. sabi ng friend ko, yung tone daw ng pagkakasulat, akong-ako!

Anonymous said...


oo, ikaw na ikaw sa tono. although i must admit, it becomes different in Filipino. I like reading you in English though, pero siguro kasi English primarily ang binabasa ko, saka pagiisip ko.

but yep, ikaw na ikaw nga sa tono. title pa lang alam ko ikaw na eh.

kainggit. gusto ko ring magsulat, pero baka ako magbayad sa mga tao na basahin sinulat ko, hehe


babe ang said...

wow! ang ganda ganda pala nung bebang!!!! fan ako niyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! hahahahahaha

rayts said...


haha. pwede naman. kahit sino pwedeng magsulat. lalo ka na na super adik sa magbasa ng libro.

dear babe ang,
onga ang ganda ni Bebang! actually super ganda nya sa personal. at super hinhin at mahiyain pa. balita ko pa, siya ang pinakamalufet sa mga writers ng PSICOM. nyahahaha!

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