Friday, August 17, 2007

A beautiful sunset that was mistaken for a dawn


Happiness is a Filipino sunset. It is there for all but most of us look the other way and lose it. Maybe because it’s always within our reach. This one came just at the back of the old house. It always tries to get my attention by bathing my face with its yellow, subtle streaks.



pieterbie said...

This is a very orange sunset indeed. Love the wire fence in this photo, and the way it is not straight. That is a very nice detail. Also the leaves you took in the top left corner of this composition. Frames the photo nicely. My God, you are really making superb photos here.

haggis basher said...

They all feel the same, its just the temperature/humidity thats different!
Interesting composition, the wire fence adds to it quite a bit.

Red Baron said...

Oooh that's nice, I like the composition too, the tree in the foreground is nicely silhouetted and the wire fence is very useful for contrast.

It's an excellent pic, you should blow it up and frame it.

iskoo said...

i agree sunset in the Philippines is one of the best!!! sunset and sunrise are diff but they sahare the same beauty

Sae-Gyu Jang said...


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tien said...

i just like the shadow of the over hanging branch. don't ask me why. i'm just a slut for them :D wish i could take pictures like that too!

Sidney said...

A view from Guantánamo prison? ;)

darrix said...

Very nice. Lovely composition. Nice silo wet ;)

my gulch said...

i always appreciate a flattering remark from Mr. Beyen. salamat.

well, they are all sunset. sure. but they're not. of course i am talking rhetoric here. and i dare say, i rarely talk scientifically. it's photography, they're all the same, aren't they? ;-)

thanks for appreciating. i should tell you that the fence was made by my father, the macopa tree at the side is almost dying but still continue to give us shade...and the sunset, it is always around at the back of the old house. most likely.

precisely. they are all sunset. but they are all different. depending on the eyes that see them. and the heart that feels them. sounds cheesy i know.

annoyonghaseyo! sure, my pleasure.

i kinda know that you're a, err, "slut" to this kind of shot. it didn't sound right but yea, you're a sucker for these shots, i know what you mean.

i haven't been to Cuba. but the fence is old fashion.

onga. silo na silo ang wet. hehe. thanks

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