Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Admiring from afar


Either fallen or grown
The leaves cover secrets
And the pedals are shown
We're like a flower
(-free faller)

Engaging, conspicuous, a real head-turner. These perhaps abridge a complete flower. But most certainly, its sweet scent, almost a faint -- completes its true essence. Exactly like this one.

Don’t pick it if you meant to ruin its beauty. We can always admire from afar. That is what we are, "admirers from afar". As they say, for every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it whether the beauty itself is hidden elsewhere.


Been raining a lot the past few days. Today, I woke up following the sun streaks.


pieterbie said...

As long as it is not raining in your heart.
In the little text under your photo: don't you mean petals?
Pedals are something you put your feet on to cycle, or the two or three pedals you have in a car: gas, break, clutch.
A petal is a 'leaf' of a flower.
The far petals are a bit overexposed , they are burnt.
But the near ones are nice, you can clearly see the texture in the petals. But then a white flower is of course very difficult to expose correctly.
I agree that you should not pick such a thing of beauty, you should leave it be. Now that is a deep thought for a Tuesday morning.

my gulch said...

oh yea. pedals. petals. certainly, i know the difference. silly me. i copied this Free Faller poem. so much so that i forgot to check. but it really says "pedal" in the text. what i posted is just an excerpt. so it could be argued that the author meant something else. although i have a hint that what the persona meant was "petals" rather than "pedals" but i can't correct can i?

i agree about your observation on the photo. i took a load of this shot. the white portion always comes out burnt, even with a high contrast. good thing there's the green background to compensate. but i was really gunning for the drops on the flower. but drops against the white is such a difficult task. anyway thanks Peter.

Sidney said...

Gorgeous flower!
This is the only thing that matters;-)

lino said...

it's reaaly nice to shoot flowers after the rains... and i also like the smell of a rosal... :)

redge said...

Is this a rosal? I haven't smelled it's wonderful scent for a long long time. For some reason, I haven't found rosals in Baguio. Have you tried compensating the exposure a few stops down when you shot this? It might have saved the details in the highlights. Anyway, I read your comment/s on my blog. I'll be glad if you link me. :)

don said...

Fine placement of this flower in the frame with the leaf sticking out behind. Very appealing image.

my gulch said...


yea, there's this certain attraction to look at them upclose especially with those dew drops to accentuate the shot.

indeed a rosal. you could always imagine its sweet smell. i will try your suggestion next time.

the leaf actually saved this shot. i mean for contrast and emphasis purposes, it made the white flower stand out.

Toe said...

That's a rosal? That was my section in Grade 1. I never knew what it looked like then. :) Very interesting that the author says pedals.

You really have an eye for beauty Rayts!

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