Monday, August 6, 2007

Fatty pork strikes back!

Vegatarians would probably be appalled by this entry but the issue of food (like any other topic for that matter) is culture-bound and therefore subjective. Like longanisa for example.


Longanisa is the local version of the Spanish chorizo (pork sausage) which is distinctively flavored with indigenous spices. Preparing longanisa has a long tradition in the Philippines with each region having their own specialty. Some famous specialty include: Guagua longanisa (salty and almost sour); Ilocos longanisa (less color, sour, and tasty); and of course, Lucban longanisa (garlicky and tasty). There are other varieties, but these are famous for their distinct taste and export potentials.


This man was selling a bunch (10 pieces) for 75 pesos (around $1.50). The longanisa is a good source of fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, and protein. The descriptive attributes include color and juiciness, garlic flavor, saltiness, meat flavor, spicy flavor, smoothness, and oiliness. These are surely a great "come on" to all meat lovers. Some people just love what is NOT good for them. Tempting as a sin.


How to cook this? First, you boil them to keep off some fats and make the meat leaner (it's optional by the way). Then you fry them until the skin is crispy. It's good with vinegar and chili.


It's been raining a lot this morning. Looks like there's going to be some heavy downpour for the next few days. Anybody care for some brewed coffee? :-)


pieterbie said...

OMG this looks so distgustingly good. I have a love/hate relationship with this kind of saussage. Once I start eating someting like this, I cannot stop, I love the taste.
But I have what it really does to you.
After Sidney's exposure of Philipine street food, I can take a lot :-)
I'm starting the novel tonight :-)
Finished the one by Julian Barnes I was reading.

dan said...

Mmmm... fats and cholesterol... mmmm... hehe. =)

Ferdz said...

I'm not really fond of langonisa, except for those coming from Vigan or ilocos. kasi yung sa Manila puro taba, pati medyo artificial ang lasa.

I like the rain somehow. It's a bit cooler now.

darrix said...

kewl, I miss longanisa a lot ;) Hard to find here in NJ

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