Thursday, August 9, 2007

Of Watermelon and Honeydew

At the corner of a street, I chanced upon this little girl in her yellow and pink dress, accented with her loverly pearl earrings and bracelet. I was at the other side of the street and I believed she saw me with my camera. Her facial expression looked inviting so I dived in for photo op.


She was selling honeydew and watermelon (pakwan) for 35 pesos a kilo. She's also selling shrimp paste (bagoong) sauted in kalamias (I don't know the English translation of this fruit but it's sour and juicy and comes from the Averrhoa family, the likes of Carambola/Starfruit).


At first, I thought the girl was just tending the stall for his mom or whoever she was with but it seemed like, she was really the vendor for the day. I inquired about the prices (with no intention of buying at all) and later asked if I could take her picture. She smiled for the camera.


A closer look at the watermelon she's selling. I haven't seen this variety before. It looks more of a papaya to me than a pakwan. But surprisingly, the flesh is red and succulent, with lesser seeds. One thing I hate about eating watermelon are the seeds, which you have to constantly spit out everytime you eat a munchful of pakwan.



pieterbie said...

Great colours in these photos, good looking girl indeed!
I don't really mind the seeds, I spit out the big ones, but swallow a lot of the softer, smaller ones.

haggis basher said...

The watermellon is Japanese Melon (not 100% sure of that though) and Kalamansi is Lime. Very small Limes! The ones sold in Europe are almost the size of Lemons.

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