Monday, September 24, 2007

Boat Naming

So, what's in a name? It is crucial. Whether it is a new born child you are naming or a new pet you’ve just acquired, or just about anything you think is worth giving a name. For boats, they are given names for identification and easy recall.

We love unique and comical boat names that have distinct meaning to their owners. After all, to them, these boats are their passion and often times, their source of livelihood. Most people chose a name with meaning behind it. Besides, you don’t want people not being able to identify your boat when sinking.

Here in the Philippines, creativity in boat naming is a bit sporadic. Most of the boat names I've seen in Pangasinan are either names of women or acronyms taken from two to three more names. There's not much creative sense in that, is there? I guess, the name Alverina has an easier recall than say, calling your boat "Tide the Knot" or "Beeracuda" or "Wetted Bliss".


Parade of boats. You have Alverina, Esmie, Hilda, Crhistine Joy and from afar there's Lovely.


Antolin. And below, there's a guy's name Carl Daineil for you. Now that sounds a bit unique.


Arjaylyn. I am assuming this comes from a combination of at least three names: Arlene, Jay-ar, and Analyn. Perhaps the children of the owner. But then again, I am just taking a wild guess here.


Ernestos. Now this is perhaps the most 'unexciting' of them all. Calling your boats Ernesto 3 and Ernesto 5. I am assuming there are Ernesto 1, Ernesto 2, and Ernesto 4.


Princess Aiza. I don't know why the word "Tomahawk" was there, but as it is, I am having a bit of a problem reconciling the word Princess with the name Aiza.


TWC Brothers. Could be that the acronym T W C are the first letters of the owners names. Tekla. Waldo. Carlo.


Checking out Esmie.


3 Brothers. Again, one of those obvious boat names. And hey, there are three of them too


If you have a boat. What name would you give it?

I'll give mine this ---> Carpe Diem!


pieterbie said...

Carpe Noctum?
Sorry, little joke, of course.
I find Beeracuda funny as well.
How about: Titanic II ?
Love the pictures of these colourful vessels!

Ferdz said...

Wetted Bliss? Beeracuda? Hahaha! Pambihirang names. nakaktuwa silang tignan. Makulay!

For the DIY, yung airtight container meron yan sa mga Dept store or grocery. Sya yung medyo mahal na brand like Biokips or Lock and Lock. Make sure Air Tight yung dessicant, meron sa mga ace hardware or True Value na silica or dehumidifier. hygrometer medyo tricky hanapin pero naka bili ako sa mga car accesories, pero I heard meron din sa mga medical supplies. meron sa Infomax ang digital hygro kaso mahal. Monitor mo lang RH around the middle dapat. Pag sobrang dry naman mag br-break yung mga rubber mo sa gear and matutuyo ang lubricant ng lens.

lino said...

hehe, i like the TWC brothers...
but i love the last pic... nice one rayts...

Toe said...

Ang ganda ng picture mo ng 3 Brothers. It's so peaceful. LOL at Beeracuda! :)

ruth said...

What a great post. These boats are completely unfamiliar to me, which is because I'm in the US, I guess. They all look to be working boats, not for pleasure as I'm used to seeing here.

I'm one who enjoys strolling a marina and reading boat names, but when you ask what I'd name one, um, I get a little stumped. I'd probably go back to what I name everything: Flying.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
I think theres a lot to a name, especially in certain circumstances. A boat for example would be personal and perhaps humourous at the same time to others which is all okay and very human. Though I think many mariners tend not to have names that might issue a sense of bad luck or omens.
Though perhaps in some other cultures that would be very humourous and the thing to do - i.e. laughing in the face of death or daring.
Great set of images Rayts especially in the nature of the names and the vast combinations of colours.
The shape and style of these boats in their long slender design would infer to me that the waters are predominantly flat and do not have much of a swell. They seemed designed to cheat through flat calm waters with a minimum of drag. The outriggers only infer speed and stability to me.

Sidney said...

Filipinos have an unique way of giving names... it seems this is also the case for their boats.
They all hav nice colors too!


I love this post. We Filipinos seem to have a love affair with names, don't we? We practically give a name to everything - our mobile phones, our PC, the car, the pets (of course), sometimes even "that" part of our bodies.

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