Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Colorful compost


Even trash becomes colorful. A day or two before they uniformly turn into brown and return to earth, I am giving them the best shot.



Sidney said...

Where did you found that?! It looks like autumn in my beloved Belgium... ;-)

haggis basher said...

Very nice mix of natural colours, feels very much like Northern Europe.

pieterbie said...

OMG, you too are starting with autumn leaves. All the Belgian and Dutch bloggers are posting photos of colorful leaves these days. I don't want the summer to end! You got a good contrast in this shot.
Did you arrange all the leaves personally, by hand, to get this attractive pallet?
I don't agree with what you said about lack of interest for the way you arrange your hair. I learnt recently that people will always be interested when you share something personal. It is given as a gimmick to maintain or gain a public's attention when giving a presentation. So you see: I did notice and I do care. And I'm so happy now I know what you do to your hair sometimes.
I propose a little challenge. I will ask you a question that pries into your personal life, very personal.
If you choose to answer me, mail is fine, I will tell you a funny story. It is related to my question. Of course, I don't mind telling you the same thing about myself.
OK, here it comes....
What attire do you wear in bed?
Traditional pyjamas? Shorty pyjamas? Babydoll? Nothing?
You need not send me a photo, I would just like to see if you dare to answer this question.
If not, don't worry, I won't stop admiring your photos.
But the question is related to the funny story I want to tell you.
Now please don't think I'm a pervert, when I tell you the story you'll understand how this question came to mind.
Having fun!

Red Baron said...

Rayts you always manage to get such vibrant colour in your photos, even the contrast in the B/W shots you do is noticeable. I'm impressed and quite a bit jealous!

I've clearly been absent too long if you're telling people what you're doing with your hair. I brush mine, frequently, otherwise it goes very frizzy and I look like a berk!

lino said...

ganda rayts... parang potpourri 9tama ba spelling ko?) hehehe



Who would have thought that there is beauty in death?

luthien said...

magkano nga d40x sa quiapo? nagsisisi ako na di ko binili yun sa hong kong. sobrang mura eh.

rayts said...

It does look autumn. It just so happened that this was found in front of our house. And nobody seems to notice how colorful it is.

Thanks. Sometimes, when you can’t afford going in temperate countries to feel and see autumn, this will have to do it.

No, I did not arrange this. I found this heave near our house in LB and looks like someone had piled them up for compost. Beside these leaves are coconut husks. About the attire, err, I’ll get back to you via e-mail. ;-)

Thanks. I can’t imagine you looking like a berk though. ;-)

Potpourri? Oo nga no. Kaya lang ito kulay lang, walang amoy.

Love the way how you said it, seeing beauty in death. And I should say, there is. We find it in the most unexpected way.

Latest canvass namin sa Mayer, yung d40 nasa 24k yung d40x nasa 31. Pwede pa yung tawaran.

Toe said...

Oh, it seems that someone has a crush on you. ;)

You have a good eye. No one in the Philippines would ever find beauty in a heap of dried leaves. You're really an artist Ratys!

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
It looks delicious like a breakfast cereal teeming with attractive colours and fibre. Apples, pineapple, sultanas, walnuts, bananas, oranges and peaches all the fruits I love.

Red Baron said...

Yes you are definitely an artist. To me someone who observes beauty in the things most of us don't notice is an aesthete, someone who sees them and has the ability to capture that beauty in order to show others what they have missed so that they may enjoy it too is an artist.

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