Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Of betting, coffee, and cheesecake


Oki and I went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf the other day so she could collect her prize from our latest bet—a mug of coffee and a slice of cheesecake. I am one habitual loser. I’ve had at least five bets with her and I only won once (with a sweating effort). We usually bet when we can’t agree on things, from the most trivial things to some of the most decisive issues we discuss out of whim.

Betting is never borne out of a habit but more of a necessity to prove a particular point (especially if the other person has the greatest conviction). Say for example, Oki and I were on our way home and we talked about the coming boxing fight of Manny Pacquiao and Golden Boy as promoter of his Las Vegas fights. Oscar dela Hoya came into the discussion and why he likes the attitudes of Filipino boxers over the Mexicans (in reference to an interview he made in one of the local televisions). And out of the blue a question is popped: Isn’t de la Hoya of Mexican descent? Oki said, “No, he’s Puerto Rican!” I said, “He is Mexican.”

Since we have no way of knowing who is right and who is wrong we’ll turn it into a bet. If you think about it, my reason for betting that Oscar is of Mexican descent is not logical. Dela Hoya liking Filipino boxers over the Mexicans and he is of Mexican descent isn’t in any way consistent. But anyway, I told Oki I've read it somewhere. But I wasn't sure then. Betting with her makes me feel (so) unsure in most cases. But I bet nonetheless, just to prove my point.

Anyway, I won this bet. The only bet I’ve ever won so far. Lessons learned: never bet if you’re not sure about what you are betting on. Or as Peter would usually say, don’t bet at all.


Ely said...

Trying to check all your posts while at work. Those photos are amazing! May i ask what camera your using? Nikon D20? I'm into photography as well but ain't got any professional camera. Too bad.

pieterbie said...

I never bet. Love the light in this photo.
Hey: that place was founded in 1963. My year of birth.
Yep, I'm that old :-)
About the girl with the same hairpin as you on my blog.
The angle I chose was the only angle I could choose.
She was seated elevated above me, I could not climb up without disturbing her. Sometimes you don't get to choose your angle.
And I like photos to be spontaneous.
Will send you a mail later on, it is waiting to leave on my portable PC.

rayts said...

hi ely,
thanks for checking out this blog. I am using Nikon D80.


Sidney said...

Maybe I should bet with you, one day...
The prices are worth the risks.

Nikon, pala! So you are a REAL photographer! ;-)
I thought you were using the D40x

(sorry my remark on your flower shot will make no sense but I am going back in time...)

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