Friday, September 14, 2007

Little shy girl


She is a 13-year old kid who's never fond of reading but likes watching a lot of tv. She knows Jim Morrison and has becoming utterly familiar with Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam but could not understand why I like listening to them. She hates it when I take her pictures but I am one persistent human being. She could not stop me.

I brought her once to a bookstore in LB and asked her to choose any book title she likes. Anything. I gave her a few hints on what to get, but well, she doesn't fancy going through a bunch of thick bonded papers with nothing but texts written on it. Maybe when she goes to college.

She's turning 14 this October. I am going to give her a book as a gift. :-)



pieterbie said...

I cannot see her face very well, but she looks real cute.
13 is a great age, my joungest kid is 13, will be turning 14 in October as well. So this kid and my kid were born in the same year in the same month. Niels' birthday is October 21.
I'm going to watch volleybal tomorrow, the 1st ladies team is playing at home, they play in 1st national. Should be a tough match.
On Sundaymorning I'd like to go and see badminton @ my son's club, 4 mixed doubles teams are playing at home. And then in the afternoon I want to see about getting his studio ready in Gent, he starts college at the end of this month.
I'm getting old.

Ferdz said...

Indeed... youre acpture of her really shows how shy she is.

I don't think a book would be good for her. Maybe a multimedia device like an Ipod Touch or Classic would be perfect for watching her fave shows and listening to Jim Morrison and other MP3s on the go :P

Chris Vallancourt said...

...maybe a book on The Doors?

Anonymous said...

rayts, may alam ka ba about pagsanjan (cheap place to stay, etc?)yun sana destination namin for my bday (tom na hehe). email mo naman ako


ate sel

Tien said...

i don't know. maybe starting with books with big texts first? everything ought to start from somewhere, i guess. if she likes tv, i would probably get a book that is written from tv. there are lots of it over here in singapore...just my personal thoughts :D

Toe said...

Is she your sister Rayts? She's very pretty. I was very shy too when I was her age. And now, you can't stop me from talking. :) I'm sure you'll find her a good book that she'd be able to appreciate to read... that's quite a nice challenge for you. :)

Sidney said...

I am shy too... maybe you should give her a camera to hide behind it.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
She looks for all the world like a strong minded young woman, if somewhat more mature than her age would indicate.
Despite her voicing her dislike for having her picture taken I think I also see an appreciation that you do take her picture beneath that coveted smile.

For someone who likes to read with her mind without having to read with her eyes, I think a camera is a great choice.

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