Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Euphorbia parade





Surprisingly, almost every farm goat we’ve visited has two or three varieties of Euphorbia milli planted in their little garden. Euphorbia is one of the most collected houseplants in the Philippines, also the best selling. Enthusiasts are enamored by the variety of its colors that it has become a great item for collection. My mother is also an enthusiast. Not a hardcore but an ethusiast nonetheless. They are easy to grow and are propagated through tip cuttings. Most hobbyists preferred them potted for the patio or as part of their garden collection.

The Thais considered Euphorbia as lucky plants that they are the leader in the development of new cultivars. Over the last 30 years or so, over 2000 known cultivars of Euphorbias have been developed in Thailand.



There is the kind of pain—
imaginable but can’t be touched.
A pain so familiar
yet inexplicable.
It comes once in awhile.
Inside, it devours and burns
but still unfathomable.

- from me to you


pieterbie said...

Wow these are pretty. Never heard of them before.

Ferdz said...

So that's what they call those flowers. Hehe. dami kong natutunang names dito ah. Lapit na ba lipad to Siem? :D

Sidney said...

Strange that the goats don't eat them! ;-)

Simple flower but I agree it has its personal charm.

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