Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Kids and Kiddies


Welcome to my humble abode. This little fella welcomed us in his father's house. His father is one of the farmer-participants of the goat enhancing project in the area.


Hiding from the back. I am loving the enthusiatic look in their eyes.


A pat on my brother's shoulder. He reminds me of my own brother.


Siblings. How about a group photo with their fave kitty? That spoon is so in demand.

I've seen a lot of kids (young goat) during our farm visits but more than the herds, I cherished the kiddies that I've met. I know that ‘children captured in photo’ is a bit of a cliché already, but it has become (almost) an instinct on my part to photograph them. One of the most effortless jobs, I would have to admit.


I've seen the 2002 British film, Heartlands the other week and I really love how Colin (played by Michael Sheen) always refers to "children" as kiddies. How he wanted to have his own kiddies but because his wife, Sandra (Jane Robbins) doesn't like to have one, he opted not to have kiddies. But Colin loves kiddies.


Sidney said...

Wonderful pictures! Cute, cute!

So YOU are the one learning those children to do the "I am so pogi" sign.
I always wondered how such young kids knew about it. Glad I found out today ! ;-)

Toe said...

Great photos Rayts! You work so well with kiddies... you'd be great when you'd have your own. :)

pieterbie said...

They remain, of course, an endless source of inspriration for our art.
Just look at my most recent post.
Love the little one with the kitten here.
Cute indeed.

iskoo said...

di mahirap pangitiin ang mga kids, lalo na kung pakita mo LCD ng camera mo, kukulitin ka na ulit-ulitin ang photosessions.

gusto ko yung last shot..

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