Friday, October 5, 2007

Loneliness at its deepest


I would have prefered this in monochrome but then you won't be able to appreciate this colorful sail. The sky was just (so) dull that morning.


I took your photo. A real good one. Why must you delete it? Why?


pieterbie said...

Loneliness is sad. Solitude can be good.
Why delete it?
To be able to live with the memory?

Sidney said...

Good you left it in color!
Never saw a sail like that before. Is this still Hundred Islands?

So you are surfing the web on weekends nowadays? ;-)

Toe said...

What a beautiful tagpi-tagpi sail Rayts! This photo is so artistic!

Ferdz said...

Yes, the morning may be dull but that boat and sail is very colorful and artistic. Somewhat an emphasis na rin.

kheoh yee wei said...

wow,great survival skill or the lord of logistic :D

Tien said...

i like the contrast between the colourful sail and the dull background. :D immediate focus on the sail and it's like "bam! there you have it!" kinda thing.

Chris Vallancourt said...

That's the great thing about digital - there is a choice between color and B/W after the fact -- if this were the days of film, I would only shoot b/w -- the colors of this shot do stand out, an effect that would have been greatly diminished in b/w.

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