Thursday, October 11, 2007

Coming Home

I was in Los Baños for the last two days. My boss asked me to cover the 89th Loyalty Day and Alumni Homecoming of the University of the Philippines. He is one of the outstanding alumni who will be awarded for the night. Of course I was more than happy to do so. I am an alumna of this university and going to UPLB is almost synanymous to “going home”. Well, I always go here on a weekend but the campus turns into a totally different place during the weekdays because of the students roaming here and there. Also, the offices and library are open on weekdays so taking a peep is fun.

Since this is an alumini homecoming, rubbing elbows with my former classmates is the next best thing. Some of them I was genuinely happy to see, most of them I don’t. My college life is a hodgepodge of both good and bad experiences. I have friends but most of them I chose out of convenience, people I really have a connection and clicked with. It was during that time that I knew I have a bit of a problem connecting with people. Well, at least people my age. I’d really prefer talking and hanging out with people who are a lot older than me.


The mighty UP Carillon standing tall on the vast, green Freedom Park. Maroon and green are the official colors of UP. I get a funny feeling everytime I passed by this landmark. Why? One of the horror Filipino flicks (White Lady which stars Angelica Panganiban) was shoot inside.


UP will be celebrating its 100 years next year (1908-2008). I saw the Centenial Logo floating on the pool at the back of the venue, I could not resist taking a snap. It looks really cool with the blue, clear water. I took my aqua aerobics in this pool. Argh, what a funny way to remember.


Baker Hall was the venue for the awarding. Not as I have expected it. It was hot inside. :-)


Horizon is the official newsletter of UPLB. I used to contribute in this publication when I was still working at the university as a researcher (my first job).


Trophies up for grab. When will I get one? :-)


The registration area is being flocked by alumni and alumnae. I can't seem to find my college. Watch out, I see an elbow flying somewhere!


Sidney said...

I lost sight of most of my former classmates. Time is a great divider.

Anyway, I am always happy when I bump into one of them.
I learned that the smartest guys in class are not always the most successful in life.

I really like the top picture with the girl with the red umbrella,the colorful Carillon and the impressive trees.. Nice image!

pieterbie said...

It does you good to go "home" from time to time.
I like the knowledgeable way you write with passion for this place.

Tien said...

i have contacts with my classmates but it's sort of difficult to contact them, since we were all busy with our own stuff...

Ferdz said...

Bumalik ka pala sa alumni mo. I also like the first shot. Nakakatuwa.

As for the pass,we got the 3 day pass.

luthien said...

i miss home...huhu!

Toe said...

Have fun on your trip down memory lane Rayts! This is a wonderful assignment for you and I'm sure you'd do a great job!

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