Wednesday, December 26, 2007

UP Lantern Parade


It's really the moon that excites me.


In front of the University of the Philippines (Quezon Hall) where the oblation is situated. The "Pasko 2007" changes colors from yellow to green to red. Pasko means 'Christmas' in Tagalog.


Honoring Filipino national artist Cesar Legaspi, who pioneered neo-realism, these lanterns are paraded before a huge crowd during the traditional lantern parade.

different christmas2

The crowd gathers at the back of the Quezon Hall for the annual lantern parade.


Yey, fireworks!


Fireworks courtesy of the College of Engineering.


Kiddies loving the show.

I am way through college life, but quite frankly, I still anctipate going to the university's annual events such as the Oblation run (members of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity do the 'streaking' to protest their sentiments about the current political/economic situation), the Faculty Follies (teachers and professors roll up their sleeves and let down their hair to perform on stage) and of course, the traditional Lantern Parade.


The LANTERN PARADE is a colorful UP tradition that has enlivened the holiday season in the University for 70 years now. The Lantern Parade was first held in 1922 but it was only 12 years later that the celebration was formally established by UP President Jorge Bocobo as what it is now: the display of colorful floats, lanterns, and costumed performances. It has since become a spectacular venue for creative expression among the different members of the UP community and a fitting way to end classes for Christmas.


Most of the time, I miss the Oblation run and the Faculty follies, but I try to see the lantern parade whenever I get the chance. This year, I went to see it.

The crowd was thick as usual. Onlookers and spectators always expect the best from the College of Fine Arts since they usually highlight this yearly festivity. I had fun watching the fireworks. Yipeee!


Happy New Year, everyone!!!


pieterbie said...

Wow, this gives me a "wish I was there" feeling.
Looks great.
I haven't been out that much the past days. Been resting a bit and catching up on some stuff indoors.
Great photos, love the one of the lanterns.

North said...

Happy New Year, Rauyts!

Toe said...

I love that photo of the crowd Rayts! Pano mo ginawa yon? I didn't go to UP but all my siblings did and I used to watch the Lantern Parade too. Ang saya! Happy New Year Rayts! :)

my gulch said...

thanks. watching the fireworks was the fun part really. for awhile, i felt like i was a child again. since i have no tripod, i used a pole to steady my grip. most of my shots are wasted, but well i still enjoyed watching.

Hi Paul,
happy new year to you too!

haynaku, umakyat ako dun sa tinatayuan ng mga photographers ng UP/press. tipong di naman ako authorized dun kaso lang since may dala akong camera, di na ako sinita. natatakot nga ako kase mahuna yung tinutuntungan nila. tipong plywood lang ata yun tapos dapat 5 tao lang ang nandoon otherwise, mahuhulog or lulusot ka sa crane. at dahil wala nga akong tripod at nanginginig ang kamay ko, ayan puro blurred ang karamihan sa mga shots, tipong iilan lang ang matino, hehehe! pero masaya talaga manood ng lantern parade, mas masaya sa Oblation, wehehe! ngapala, Happy New Year Toe! yung next posts ko sa Cambodia-Vietnam trip next year na uli.

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