Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy 100 years UP!

I will momentarily cut my travel posts to give way to this one big, joyous event which happened recently...


I went to UP Diliman to witness and document the University of the Philippines (UP) System Centennial Launching on 8 January 2007. You heard it right, UP turns 100 years this 2008. This early, the celebration kicked off with a huge motorcade which started in UP Manila (campus was first established here in 1908) and proceeded to UP Diliman, the main campus). Joining the convoys were motorcades from UP Baguio, UP Pampanga, and UP Los BaƱos.

UP Oblation with fireworks

The iconic UP Oblation with stunning fireworks at the back. This image was used as the backdrop at the Amphitheater, which served as the stage for the free concert.

front of Quezon Hall

Front of the Quezon Hall where the opening program and the lighting of cauldron was held. At the back is the UP Amphitheater where the free concert was held.

Around 4pm after the contingents converged at the main campus, a series of activities was held participated in by students and alumni from the different units of the UP system from across the country. I wasn’t able to watch the opening program. I arrived at the campus when UP President Emerlinda Roman was delivering her speech, explaining the centennial logo and the lighting of cauldron.

I wasn’t able to witness the lighting of the 100 torches which was relayed around the academic oval and the lighting of torch by the 100-year old UP alumnus, which is a shame really, but I did watch the free concert held at the UP Amphitheater featuring internationally acclaimed UP alumni, like the Philippine Madrigal Singers, Ryan Cayabyab, the UP Symphonic Orchestra, and UP Symphonic Band to name a few.

UP Amphitheater

The stage for the evening. I was simply amazed by how the lightings were made. The lighting changes shapes and colors every now and then depending on the performances.

UPLB performance

Contingent from UPLB campus participated in the free concert, one of which is a dance performance. Stunning ! ;-)

When I got there, I was intimidated by the huge crowd. How and where do I set-up my tripod? That was the first thing that came to my mind. I have expected the huge number of people but with my camera and my tripod with me, I had some problems getting through the crowd. Bringing my equipment came in handy though, as I was able to get through my way to the front very easy. No one told me to stay put. This happened too during the UP Lantern Parade wherein I was able to easily position myself with the press.

UP Pep Squad1

One of the highlights of the evening is the performance from the UP Pep Squad, the 2007 UAAP Cheerdance Competition Champion.

UP Pep Squad2

Amazing stunts!

crowd with Ryan Cayabyab

The crowd is mesmerized by the performance of Master Ryan Cayabyab (as seen on the big screen).

The organizer set-up two huge screens on both side of the Amphitheater for the people at the far end of the stage. I chose to set-up my gadgets at the left side of the screen, facing the stage. But it didn’t prove to be that conducive since most of the performances were done on the second floor of the Quezon Hall. The stage that was set-up in front of the Amphitheater was used on few instances only (those requiring enough space).

Nonetheless, I was able to watch the UP Pep Squad’s performances with so much ease. And I was with them at the time they were preparing for their performance, a good chance to take close-up shots.

The evening concluded with a grand fireworks display.


Amazing fireworks display courtesy of the UP Beta Epsilon.


Happy 100 years UP!


I will join the 10 km marathon this weekend. I hope I will improve my time record. Really, really hope so. Happy weekend everyone!!!


cathy said...

woottt! go UP!

as an alumna of UPM i wanted to go to the celebrations, or even meet up with my college friends and org-mates. too bad i had to slave away. huhu.

looked what i missed! but i must say you captured them great :)

kyels said...

Happy 100 Years to UP!

Were you a student from that respective university?


Love the first photo; the oblation with fireworks as the backdrop surely is stunning --- IMO.

And all the best to your marathon this weekend!

my gulch said...

really? that's nice to hear. there were a lot of alumnae/alumni who attended the kick off event from various UP campuses. Anyhow, this is only the start, there's more to come so i hope you could attend in the next series of events. happy 100 years to us!!! ;-)

thanks. yes, i am an alumna of UP Los Banos and currently (trying hard) to finish my masters in UP Diliman. thanks for the goodluck Kyels!

pieterbie said...

Enjoy your run this w-e.
That pep squad looks pretty impressive, amazing those stunts.
I'd love to see a live performance, must be able to take some pretty spectacular photos.

philippine dragonfly said...

such a nice was funny the oldest grad of UP looking for his classmates :P

Ferdz said...

Woohoo! Very festive, ganda ng mga lowlight shots mo. Very sharp. Ang great fireworks!

Maganda ring gamitin minsan ang tripod, panghawi ng mga tao. hehe.

my gulch said...

thanks. yep, the UP Pep Squad is the best, they won't be the champion for nothing. and they are all small lean (almost all of them).

i wasn't able to see the 100-year old alumnus. :-(

naks, salamat. onga no, panghawi ng tao. kaso lang baka balikan ako eh, hehe.

Sidney said...

Impressive event...
Wonderful lights and fireworks.

I would come to cheer you along the way for the 10 km marathon but alas I leave for Kalibo (Ati-atihan) and Boracay this coming Wednesday.
Anyway, I wish you a good run!

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