Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The BEAUTY of Pagudpud Island

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, do some soul searching, be one with nature without spending much and still enjoy the luxury of a less crowded beach, pristine water and powdery sand—Pagudpud Island is the best getaway!

You could be a writer or an artist searching for your muse and you might find it here.

I know that sounds like one of those Tourism advertisement (minus the flair) but that’s the best way I know how to promote this place. A lot of people have considered Pagudpud over the overrated sandy beach of Boracay and I can’t say more. I’ve been both places and the sand in Boracay is finer and whiter but Pagudpud has its own beauty to offer. For one, Pagudpud is no commercial frills which I appreciated more.

Here are some proofs of that non-commercial frills....yeba!

a cove of coconut trees
I love this line of coconut trees following the long cove.

quality of the sand

Here comes the sand...

framing the boats

At the other side of the shore are colorful boats parading in their glorious stances.

necklaces from the sea

There are a few vendors selling necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and earrings made from seashells, jades, stones, etc. Just pretty!

rowing and sunbathing

And then not far from where I was standing, here comes the agile rower and the artistic poser making time for his daily sunbath.

lovers in pagudpud

Lovers in Pagudpud. I saw this huge billboard ad along Quezon Avenue Station and tried my own version of it. I asked real lovers, Miks and Jay to make the pose for me. Thanks guys!

she's all dressed up!

This is is no commercial. She was really coming to my side. Love the yellow dress and the sunburnt skin.

my feet

My tired, ugly foot making my best run on the sand. You will never see a foot as ugly as this! ;p


How to get there? (In reference to Kyels question)

If by air:

You take the flight from Manila to Laoag City (provincial capital of Ilocos Norte). From Laoag you take a mini-bus, rent a car or hire a private vehicle to Pagudpud Island. Buses leave from Laoag every half hour or less frequently, depending on how quickly they fill up. The fare is reasonable, and the trip takes about an hour.

If by land:

From Manila you’ll take the bus to Laoag, Ilocos Norte (8 hours or more expect stopovers). There are bus companies that travel to Pagudpud from Manila. You'll be traveling about 350 miles, and would take 12 hours or more. Commuter buses often stop to unload passengers or pick up new ones. Night trips are (always) preferred. You’ll just sleep and eat the long drive. From Laoag City, just continue the trip all the way to Pagudpud, Island.


haggis basher said...

It looks better in your photos than I remember it.

Ferdz said...

Ganda ng shots mo dito. Perfect para sa tourism nila. Tama ka. Sand's not as fine as Boracay but it has it's personal charm din. Love the shots of the kids on a raft and also that lover's chairs. hehe. Buti pala ganda panahon dito.

pieterbie said...

Looks pretty OK and uncommercial to me. Haggis' reply is superb, really funny.
I'm linking it to your last photo, of course :-)

Toe said...

Wow, I love the rower and the poser and the lovers. Sana kami ni Honey yung lovers... hehehe! :) I think you can submit your photos to glossy magazines Rayts!

Tien said...

The green pendant looks exquisite! And I love the lovers picture...Can't wait to see more photos!

kyels said...

Really beautiful photos Rayts! It gave my a peace of mind for a moment when I looked at them. Salamat po.


As for the references, I do appreciate. How much would it cost if I used option A which is by air and the cost for option B? I'd like to know b/c I might go back to Pinas somewhere in June or July depending on my savings po! Can't wait na! Hopefully my dreams can come true though.

Sidney said...

I spend 5 minutes ( for sure not one minute more) on the beach after some snorkeling and got a third degree sunburn...
I am seriously considering the Ninja look (putting a shirt on my face with only my eyes are exposed)when I will go out in the following weeks.
After 10 days on a motorbike I am not white anymore but deep red while my face and arms are deep black. not a pretty sight.
I don't think anybody will want to smile in front of my camera anymore.

But I confess your pictures make someone dream... you should work for the DOT! ;-)

my gulch said...

i know what you are saying. maybe the weather did the tricks. sometimes, when the weather is good, the blue becomes bluer and the white sand, whiter.

tama ka. di ko ata ma-imagine ang magpicture sa beach na umuulan, but i guess it's a matter of having the right perspective and a good imagination. ibang thrill.

uncommercial it is. maybe because there's less people than the usual. as for the humor...i'd keep a happy smile about it.

thanks but I am afraid there's no more. :-D

really? wow, that's good news i hope you and your friends could come visit this country again.

as for the costs. Aircon buses fare from Manila to Laoag is 648 pesos. see this: http://www.filipinotravel.com.ph/tickets/domestic_bus.php> there are a lot of busline companies you can choose from of course.

Air fare from Manila to Laoag usually costs Php 3,600. Philippine Airline has a regular flight from Manila to Laoag every Tuesdays via PR 220 1540H/1630H Manila/Laoag and PR 221 2205H/2290H Manila/Laoag. But Cebu Pacific usually offers promo tickets so you might check that out.

I found this travel tour, this might help the preparation of your itineraries: http://www.marsman-tours.com.ph/print_mt01.htm

Traveling by bus is definitely cheaper but exhausting considering the long travel and stopovers.

Funny. And I can very well imagine you. Too much sun is only good for photography and for someone whose skin is already burnt by the sun like me, I don’t think I can afford to have more.

the donG said...

Very interesting shots. galing ah!

Diong said...

Nakakainggit mga travel mo!

my gulch said...

@the dong:
salamat... :-D

salamat. i am sure mapupuntahan mo din ito pag-uwi mo! :_D

ains said...

hi, im planning to go to pagudpud next summer, san magandang mag stay? by the way, nice photos :D

Boracay Hotels said...

Wow lovely photos, especially in this white sand. You will see the finely white sand here....

Tanya Gemarin

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