Thursday, March 27, 2008

The finest thing in the world is knowing how to belong to oneself

getting the right poses. dunno the purpose for this

Miks, Jud, Rayts, Eve

We were trying to form the word L-O-V-E. Trying to bend and curve our not so flexible bodies so that we will be able to come up with the word. The “E” came as the biggest problem to form. And I was assigned for the letter and failed to deliver (like I always do).

“E” for emotional. Elusive. Extraordinary. Enthusiastic. Instead I formed the other “E”. E for emportant. Entelligent. Encredible. Empressive. Enspiring. Ennovative. Which is everything but me. I can’t imagine being a human “E”.

So instead, we decided to have our own individual poses. Switched positions here and there, made a fine, lasting look at the blue water and had Dax click the shutter. Ahh, I just love watching the sea.



Anonymous said...

Your pose is very Hindu isn't it. Very spiritual.

Lovely backdrop.

We've had hailstorms, not that I'm bitter!

Ferdz said...

Love the blue of the sea here. And kulang na lang yung mga native ethnic costumes to go with those poses. Just check out your hands.

Ahh... relaxing talaga yung scenery

haggis basher said...

Sexy sexy bodies!!

The water looks lovely as well!

pieterbie said...

This is so cool!
You Asian women have such beautiful hair.
I love this kind of creativity, we should all do it more often.

kyels said...

Your pose reminds me of Yoga! Pero I like it.


I find that looking out at the blue sea comforts the soul. And allowing the sea breeze to whip through your hair and face are the best things that can ever happen.

Anonymous said...

Alternatively it could be the Pinai YMCA?!

And yes the sea looks lovely and very tranquil. I think only the Isles of Scilly have that sort of clarity around here.

Sidney said...

Seems you found the perfect place to meditate.
Good you found a piece of shade! ;-)

Lies said...

Now there's a picture to brighten a person's day!

my gulch said...

hailstorms?! jeez...and everyone is complaining of too much heat here.

haha. hirap ng pose na yan ha sa totoo lang. at ang tagal noong kasama ko pindutin ang shutter, malapit na akong bumagsak. if there's one thing i DON't's balance.

sexy comment. glad you appreciate err, the backdrop. :p

people who got tired of looking at the water for hours and never wanting to take a dip, go through such 'creativity' posing for the camera just to prove to friends that we indeed went to the beach. how ingenious!

comforting nga, hehe. sana matuloy ang iyong Pagudpud adventure.

funny you mentioned that because we actually did the YMCA! funny cuz my "o" actually looked like I am demonstrating the McDonald sign.

o yes, shade under the tall coconut trees. not hard to find though.

did it make your day? hehe. been thinking about composing a whole bunch of letters to send you but my lazy ass is beating me to it. will do. promise.

Toe said...

I can just imagine your faces... all wearing this big silly smile. :) Happy days... friends, sea, sand, and being your crazy goofy selves! :)

Chris Vallancourt said...

Exuberant, and so expressive without seeing a single face.

the donG said...

very clean and clear picture. very nice view and funny pose.

my gulch said...

yea, happy and nognog faces, hehe. masaya talaga pag di crowded ang beach, parang amin yung buong lugar. pero Toe, ang init ngayon sa Pinas. suuuper.

Thanks for appreciating even without seeing the face.

@the Dong:
natutuwa ako sa nick mo...ding, dong, hehe. corny. anyway, thanks for appreciating. good weather is always a good ally for good photography.

Toe said...

Ay, ang init din dito sa Cambodia... super din! Parang ito na yung pinaka-mainit na na-experience ko dito. Ang masama pa... regular ang 2-3 hour brown-outs ngayon. :( Pero kahit mainit, marap pa din sa beach. Will go to the beach in 2 weeks... yey! :)

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