Thursday, April 3, 2008

Picture perfect!

Only because Sidney saw this in the paper and mentioned it in his comment.

Only because Ferdz asked me to post it here because he wasn't able to grab a copy.

Only because Toe congratulated me (even though she hasn't seen it yet and will probably won't get a copy in Cambodia so she will never have an idea if the congratulatory address is worth it).

...otherwise, I won't even bother. But really, thanks guys!

through a lens, clearly

through a lens, clearly

Raffy Paredes was kind enough to publish some of my photos in his column, Through A Lens, Clearly. The photos featured a floating village in Tonle Sap which I took when I was in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Of course you know that this has also been previously featured in this blog, particularly this entry.

I am actually an avid reader of Picture Perfect. I get a lot of good information from reading it, particularly with the techniques and styles (although i personally think that 'style' is distinct to every photographer) it also puts me into the loop of this whole photography thingie whether it's a hobby or on a professional level. Picture Perfect is actually a supplement page for the Manila Bulletin that features photographers and their niche and covers basically any topic on photography. They also feature budding photographers and how they get into the habit. The folio comes out every Tuesday. I just have one reservation about this folio though. I hope they print it in glossy for better image appreciation. :-)

Featured in this issue are: Vermont Coronel, an elementary art teacher and his leisure pursuit in taking experimental images from his pinhole cameras (Diana and Kidzlabs) ; and Buboy Inocencio, a dental technician who described himself as a “hopeful hobbyist” and who's love for photography grew out of his love for painting. And then of course, there’s me. :-)

Here’s the write-up:

“Our third featured reader, Rayts T. dela Cruz visited Siem Reap, Cambodia recently where she also took photos of a floating village in Tonle Sap. Rayts says that she was introduced to photography in college upon taking her degree in Development Communication (major in Journalism). She realized then that “more than learning the art of writing what I really wanted to learn was how to effectively translate ideas and concepts into ‘haunting’ images. As the cliché goes, I wanted photos that tell a thousand words.”

Rayts says that she attends photography workshops from time to time to hone her craft. She has but one favorite subject: people. “It could be just anyone that caught my attention trapped in a moment and has an interesting story to tell. Most of the time, I can be found in the street with my camera just observing people and trying to take some interesting moments amidst this mundane life we live in,” she writes. In closing, Rayts shares her favorite quotation which comes from the legendary Ansel Easton Adams: “There are always two people in every picture the photographer and the viewer.”


Ramiele Malubay got booted out from the American Idol. So sad. :-(


Toe said...

Hey, promise to keep a copy for me. :) Dami mo ng utang... this Manila Bulletin issue, your book, and Pepper Lunch! Maniningil ako in a few months. Hrhrhr! :)

pieterbie said...

Hey, great, congratualations, I'm so proud of my Asian friend :-)
Such an honour!

You asked why I covered the woman's eyes in one of my previous photos?

I took the photo over a year ago and it was a candid, so I did not have the woman's permission to use her photo.
This rarely happens to me, I hardly ever post a photo without asking permission. Normally I wasn't going to post that photo, but I had nothing else that went with the text. In this case I wanted to bring a message, share an experience, but when I had written it, I discovered some difficulty in finding an illustration.

So there is no relation between the article and the model, and that is another reason I decided to cover her pretty eyes.

I hope that clears things out for you, and if you think my reasoning is false, I'd like to hear from you.
Always good to think about these kind of things.

haggis basher said...


Ferdz said...

Huy Salamat sa pagunlak ng request! Hehe

Congratulations! Feature ka na ngayon and very good exposure. Madaming nagbaabsa ng Picture Perfect sa mga photographers.

kyels said...

Yay! Congratulations po!


Sidney said...

Well it is always fun to see your pictures in print!
You made it ! Congrats!

I am still waiting they do it with my pictures...

Anonymous said...

Woah, fame beckons eh? It is deserved your pictures have been for many years a cut above.

I never knew your name was Rita! Should a revisiting of Sgt. Pepper be brought on?!

It is nice when an artist who creates to express rather than creating solely for the appreciation is appraised, it is a vindication of the work of all genuine artists across the world, so you may stand tall and take the plaudits for what they are an acknowledgement of your not inconsiderable talent.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Congrats on the publication Rayts!
Your photography is inspiring and it's nice to know that you have been afforded some recognition of documenting what is a dynamic and socially relative society and people.

Again, congratulations Rayts.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! actually as soon as I've read in the comments that you published some photos on the Bulletin, I've tried to search at the MB's online edition even at pressdisplay but to no avail. thanks for posting it here! cheers!

Chris Vallancourt said...

Excellent! Congratulations!

TM tots said...

I'm proud of you sis! Congrats!

my gulch said...

haha. andami ko na ngang utang! cge, may few months pa ako to prepare. Thanks Toe!

thanks. and why would i even think that "such reasoning is false? no way. it's even your option not to answer my inquiry. it's just that asking questions has become an annoying habit (an itch that need to be scratch, sort of). i thought you were protecting the woman from being known to the public, that was my first thought. and i didn't know that you ask permission for all the photos that you post. i have my own issue on that, but that's another long topic so i won't delve into it. thanks for explaining anyways, i appreciate it. and thanks for the congratulatory address.


salamat din...

yay, thanks also!

i hope to see your beautiful works in print. and i hope you'll let us know so we could get our own copies.

geez, your words always bring chills to my bone. thanks! all words taken in. your one person who never seem to hesitate in giving me a pat of flattery every now and then. thanks. i was actually named after a local actress but I'd like to tell people that my name was taken from that lovely Beatles' song.

thank youuuu! :-D

uy salamat naman...actually nag-searched din ako sa web, merong MB Online kaso lang laging sira ang link nila at saka title lang pinapakita.

wow. thank you!

thanks sis...

luthien said...

waw congrats!

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