Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Most of the time, we always end up where we wanted to be...

Saramago and LedZep

It was through those moments that I am having a hard time breathing because of too much things to accomplish for the week, that I truly find solace in winding my time inside crowded places. In most cases, I find myself walking inside a bookstore and a music store without even realizing it. Next thing I knew, I was standing at the cashier purchasing something. It’s like a pattern…bookstore, music bar, and movie house or movie, book, cd.

ploning the movie

The other day, I found myself purchasing a ticket to watch Ploning, Judy Ann Santos’ first venture into film producing. Ploning was shot entirely in the beautiful and quiet town of Cuyo, Palawan (such a stunning place, really). The film is refreshing to watch. I could go on and on about the strength of the film but the bottom line is… I love both the plot and the cinematography! And note: I didn't snooze half-way through the film, as most of the people who watched it predicted. The movie is silent. It doesn't give away much at first, but I got a lot from it...something which truly makes it more pleasurable to watch.


haggis basher said...

I have never been into or interested in local TV or movies. The Filipino vision on celluloid does nothing for me. I find most local TV/movies are extremely shallow wit bad acting or peppered with so much violence I wonder how they got approval to be shown on afternoon TV.

pieterbie said...

I know what you mean about bookstores, I cannot go in without buying.
I like your approach to Filipino movies, it is a winner!

kyels said...

I love being in bookstores b/c I feel like I belong in there and the amounts of books make me feel really nice. I love books and I've never left a bookstore w/o buying anything!

Ploning; I should check the link out. It sounds really nice. The only thing is that Malaysia doesn't air Filipino movies, sad di ba? So, it's kind of hard for us or rather me to get in tune w/the new ones.

Toe said...

Bookstores and movies are definitely two of the things I most in Manila.

Now, you got me interested in Ploning. I'll just wait for the DVD since I wouldn't be able to watch it in the theater.

Anonymous said...

I love 2nd hand bookshops, the smell, the going through all the books, the seeing names and dedications of people's pasts etc.

You got Mothership then? Good call. I love the Art Deco feel of the cover so much I bought a poster of it.

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