Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thank you for robbing our dignity, our unity, and our future...

SONA demo1

SONA demo2

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My critics say this is fiction, along with other facts and figures I cite today.
I call it heroism though they don’t need our praise.
Each is already a hero to those who matter most, their families.

~ President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo~

At 3pm yesterday, our EA sent us a work suspension notice due to President Arroyo's State of the Nation Address (SONA). Tell you frankly, I get bored listening to SONAs (or any political speech for that matter, although my work entails me to do just that, which is ironic). But yesterday, I conditioned myself to sit tight on my comfty chair, pour myself a mug of coffee while listening to an hour of sugar-coating, well rehearsed speech of a woman that most Filipinos probably love to hate these days.

As expected, I get nothing from listening to it. Promises, promises, and more sugar-coating—I am just re-echoing most Filipinos’ sentiments these days. I don't know about optimism and giving the benefits of the doubt but we have been bombarded by promises long enough that pompous statistics and figures wouldn't fool us anymore. For one, what she said in her last SONA's was far worst than what she promised.

I guess we all know what the problem is. It’s just that our beloved President refuse to see.

My favorite phrase for today: Lack of self-referentiality!

And that is what you are Madam President.

Sometimes, it’s good to look around and know why you are the most “unpopular president” in the history of this country. Just take a look around and maybe, just maybe, you’ll know what you’ve been missing for the last 7 years of your reign.

2010 seems a century a away before we get a new one!


pieterbie said...

That is just too bad, Rayts, I'm sorry to hear that things are like that.
It is so frustrating to have an incopetant president.
But then yours is not the only country that suffers from poor politics.
Not that that is of any help to you, of course.

Kyels said...

Politicians always give the people sugar-coated words which turns out to be empty promises at the end of day. There is nothing much we can do about that b/c politicians are always trying to benefit themselves rather than the people. Maybe I'm being very skeptical but one day I hope they'd be real selfless people who truly cares about the people.

But it's just a dream, di ba?

Anonymous said...

GMA is not incompetent.

She is intelligent. Like a doubl like-edged sword, smart enough to secure the Presidency while squandering taxpayers' money from right under our noses.

Bitch needs to go.


Ferdz said...

I'm not really a fan of GMA, but I must admit, she's real clever. How many oust attempts there already, but she managed to dodge them even on her tiny stature.

the donG said...

Tell you frankly, I get bored listening to SONAs>>> same here! first part pa lang, iniwan ko na ang tv. nakinig na lang ako while blogging. wala pa ding kwenta.

i used to admire her for her punctuality in work... but not anymore.

seven years and nothing big happened. hindi man lang tayo naturuang maging makabayan dahil wala naman talagang model ngayon.

kaya kanya kanya na ang mga pinoy. "basta mabuhay ka, bahala na sila" parang ganun na lang.

she's a puppet.

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