Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Do not, I beg you, look for anything behind phenomena

i beg you

i prayed for something to happen that day. something that would break me from my routine. my way of nudging destiny and telling "hey i still exist you know! give me some boost."

i walk under the scorching heat of the sun with a humungous backpack restraining me from breathing properly. i just endured a two-hour ride of nothing but heat in a supposed to be air-conditioned bus. i was dropped off at the MRT station, definitely not my way. i had to walk the long causeway just to get where i needed to be, only to find out that i got the wrong place.

while walking the causeway, i saw her (photo above)-- a lady covered in black, sitting at the side of the busy street of Ortigas. Her arm stretched out, her head all bowed down to the ground under the beating heat of the sun, she was begging. i guess like me, she was begging destiny for some change to happen.

i rode a taxi and met my worst nightmare: a pervert driver who talked about the Virgin Mary and her miraculous works and segue into his (the driver's) sex life. such an oddball. i paid for my fare while summoning all my strength to get away. still, somewhere between my will and determination to get away, he gave me an advice: "never go to a motel with your boyfriend because something might happen".

i found the place. i found what i was looking for. but i was bothered the whole day. destiny nudged me back saying: "did i break your routine hard enough?"


the donG said...

nice shot rayts. but this is indeed a sad scene and truly disturbing. we have a similar post.

Jim said...

Nice photo rayts, captures the emotion and the ambiance! I hope we don't see this anywhere in the Philippines in the future. well, about the taxi driver, I think he was flirting with you... weheheh, good thing you held your composure and was able to get off. :)

Ferdz said...

haha! I love love this post. Aside from that great picture which reminds me of those riders in LOTR, the writing and narrative was amusing as well.

I simply love this line "Her arm stretched out, her head all bowed down to the ground under the beating heat of the sun, she was begging. i guess like me, she was begging destiny for some change to happen."

Anonymous said...

whoah! this post REALLY MOVED me. considering that i live a life of relative comfort, i do try to pay back, but sometimes i forget about doing so too. very provocative pic as well.

ang gleng gleng talaga ni rayts, both as a writer and as a fotog. wish i can shoot the way you do *inggit*


psst - kelan tayo kape nina luthien

my gulch said...

@dong: hi, yes i saw your post, a subtle way of showing a disturbing scene. and even though this theme is almost a cliche, it haunts me still. thanks, Dong!

@Jim: flirting with me? hehe. i doubt that. it's just odd that he would talk about religion and his faith at one moment and switch to sex at another. he even charge me more than my rightful fare. lokong mama yun.

@Ferdz:hehe onga no. LOTR. di ko naisip yun ah. nakaka-engrossed siyang pagmasdan alam mo yun. ang init-init tapos nakaupo lang siya dun. ako naman mukhang engot na nakatayo sa tabi ng kalsada, naka-jacket na may hood habang panay ang picture. weird no?

@hi SEL: nawala ni Luthien ang cellphone nya kaya nakaka-contact lang sha ngayon by YM or landline. i will ask her kung kelan ha? pero di ako pwede this week and the next kase akyat na ko ng Kinabalu. pagbalik ko na lang. will contact both of you. sama din daw si Oki. :-)

pieterbie said...

Wow, this is such a controversial scene. Dramatic.
Very courageous of you to post this!

kyels said...

Disturbing scene pero that's the facet of life, di ba?

Sidney said...

Hi ;-)

Strong picture today. I guess an image that will keep haunting you for quite some time...

“I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be.”
-Douglas Adams-

Take care!

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