Friday, September 19, 2008

6 ships and a very wide sky

the sky has always been wide

Almost like yesterday's shot but different.

Same port, same sea, different ships, different part of the horizon.



Jim said...

Grabe parang nakakahigop ang langit! nice photo!

pieterbie said...

the previous shot was good, this one is great!

Joshua said...

nice shots! your in photography?? cool..ex links?

redge said...

dahil sa curved na horizon parang kakainin ng dagat(?) yung mga ships. wide angle lens pinagkuha mo?

kyels said...

Uy! Grabe!

I love the swirling clouds. Really beautiful!


the donG said...

looks like the galleons from the past.

my gulch said...

@Jim: onga noh? Nakakahumaling talaga ang langit. gandang accent sa image.

@peter: thanks for that wonderful comment. great!

@joshua: yea, i am into photography. thanks for dropping by.

@hi redge! just a regular zoom lens, 18-135 mm.

thanks. nature has its own way of painting its own sky.

you're right. i thought of that too.

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