Monday, September 22, 2008

Much ado about Royce

When we were in the city, we visited the state museum, the only one in Sabah. They say that our visit to Kota Kinabalu is never complete without checking this place out so we included it in our itinerary. Anyway, I enjoy visiting national museums.

Like in any other museums for that matter, taking photos inside is not allowed. We had to check-in our cameras at the counter before we went inside the main entrance. But before that, we had to satisfy ourselves by taking photos of the bulding. One memorable display we found was a blue Rolls Royce.

rolls royce on display

Royce on display in front of the Sabah State Museum

rolls royce upclose

The famous Rolls Royce mark, The Spirit of Ecstasy, and our reflections.



Anonymous said...

The king of Thailand has a custom made royce but instead of the 'spirit of ecstasy' the symbol of the king is in its place. ;)

the donG said...

the reflection shows how eager you were to take that second shot.

Photo Cache said...

nice reflections. am not much into cars but i love the composition of the first shot.

pieterbie said...

Haha, great that reflection.

my gulch said...

@Jim: that's interesting. i think most important people wanted their own Royce, customized too. in every society, owning a car is a statement, it says something about you and the life you lead.

@Dong: really? i am always in my most eager mood when i hold my camera.

photo cache: i am not into cars either. it's a guy thing i think. but i don't like flowers either so i don't know where to put myself in the stereotypes. yea, i like that composition too, the facade of the museum provided a nice frame for the Royce.


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