Thursday, September 25, 2008

School for the Wireless

When I was in Davao City, I chanced upon this elementary school which was just a few steps away from our accomodation. It's called "Paaralang Elementarya ng Wireless" (Wireless Elementary School). The name amused me. I was curious to know the history so that me and a fellow photographer dawdled and asked the locals about the name. Unfortuntely, no one could tell us why the school was named "wireless". We should have entered the school ground and asked the teachers but then again we have some place else to go.

wireless elementary school

Students entering the "wireless" school ground.

crossing the street

"Wireless" students cross the street.



kyels said...

That's quite a weird name to give a school. Like seriously, di ba?


Tonton said...

Huwaaaaat! So don't be surprised 'pag may sumulpot na Paaralang Elementarya ng Wi-Fi. Rakenrol!

pieterbie said...

OK, so now you'll have us wondering all the time why the school is called this.
Could you have not at least invented something, a good story?

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