Monday, September 15, 2008

Sometimes, I forget when the night ends and a new day begins

on the way to Kinabalu HQ

on the way to Kinabalu HQ

I took this shot on the day of my birthday—the first day of our climb! It was supposed to be a tw0-hour drive from KK to Kinabalu HQ, but Rahim made to our destination at least 30 mins less. We passed by the Tamparuli -Kundasang Road all to way to the headquarters and the view was splendid.



the donG said...

cool! 30mins less means really really cool driving!

Rey said...

Reminds me of the country roads in my hometown in Mindanao.

looks cold too!

kyels said...

I love the first photo. It's really really beautiful - the darkness of it all blends in w/the speck of ray and the blue sky.


redge said...

I understand how you feel about the mysterious transition of night to dawn. It not really easy to tell when night ends especially without looking at the time.

my gulch said...

yep. maaga pa din kase so bukod sa smooth ang traffic from the city to Kundasang ma-eenjoy talaga ang view. pati pagbabago ng altitude mararamdaman mo din. parang Manila to LB lang ang distance.

you're right. it was cold that morning. and it has gotten colder as we changed altitude going to the mountain.

thanks, love it too. it was taken from the window of the van and our driver was really going fast so i had to really position myself wisely.

you're right and imagine how's life in the province where time doesn't matter much (or at least that's my impression). either it's so slow or i wasn't minding the ticking of the clock at all. people get by through various activities and the position of the sun.

pieterbie said...

Hey, many happy returns, I didn't realize your birthday had come and gone. Been thinking about the title of this post. I am currently in a phase where I make little difference between day and night. I go to sleep in the course of the night and I wake up again in the night. That is what you get when you limit your quota of sleep to about 4 hours. Love both the photos in the post. They are so very different. The sense of motion looking out of the car really adds value to the shot!

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