Wednesday, September 17, 2008

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Purok Pag-ibig

Who would even thought that such a place exists?

We tend to miss the important things. Even those that are just in front of us.

I was just at the other side of the road. It helps to look around and be a good observant once in a while.



the donG said...

nice nice! galing talaga ni rayts! im enjoying your blog because of the regular posts. galing mo talaga! dumadami na ang mga inidolo kong photographers.

Ferdz said...

Onga no. Paying attention to details is really rewarding. Tulad ng mga signs na yan. Akalain mo nga naman. But the way it was shot was also well done.

kyels said...

Being observant has its good traits b/c it allows you to notice the slightest details everywhere, di ba?


Erick said...

nice shot rayts! saan yang lugar na yan?

Photo Cache said...

Hah! Is the farmer scratching? Looks like that. I could live in Purok Pagibig.

my gulch said...

salamat, salamat.

meryenda time yan nung napansin ko ang karatula. medyo tago so di talaga pansinin. salamat ferdz.


this was taken in a remote baranggay somewhere in Cotabato during a photo and video shoot for a docu that we're preparing.

@photo cache:
possibly, hehe. looks like he is. you are very observant too.

pieterbie said...

I understand what you mean. I'm afraid I find little time to be observant just now. Needs to change. Urgently.

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