Friday, October 24, 2008

Define "pretty"...

Pretty is… Jonathan Mullaly or Jon Avila as he’s known in the Philippine television arena. :-)

John Avila medium shot

Just to emphasize how pretty this man is...

John Avila closeup shot

...and how pretty are his olive green eyes.

Two weeks ago, I was at the WTC in Pasay City covering an event and while humming my way towards our booth, I found a group of women giggling over some handsome guys also known as The Cover Boys. I am not familiar with some of them but I’ve seen them performed on television.

So anyway, I got curious and found myself standing in front of the row (thanks to my camera, they must have thought I am a photographer from a cheap tabloid). I was swooning over John Avila. I rarely get a crush on celebrities as I find most of them phony especially when they know they are being caught on tape, but at that time I guess I was star struck.

From where I stood, I took several shots of John Avila (only him). He has probably caught the series of flashes I was aiming at him that he decided to throw some attention on me. He’s a poser so I tried getting some nice angles before these women beside me took over. His eyes are mesmerizing. They are olive green. Probably from his Irish father.

Got this little excerpt from

Viewers know Jon for his good looks and admirable body. However, despite the fame he is experiencing now, Jon has not had an easy life growing up in London. Jon struggled with harsh racial discrimination since he was the only Asian in school. Because of being constantly ostracized by his schoolmates, Jon's self-esteem hit rock bottom. The bullying finally came to an end when he entered college where he found real friends.

Then he traveled to the Philippines in search of a new life, but to his disappointment, more trials and difficulties came his way. Jon recalls the time when he used to live in a small room with no air con and electricity. For some time, he slept on a cheap mattress, feeling lonely and missing the company of family and friends. But just like a true Filipino, Jon managed to rise above all the hardships. He persevered to fend for himself, shedding off some extra pounds and later becoming one of the most sought after male models in the country. Despite the Western upbringing, Jon never forgot his Filipino roots. When he came back to the Philippines, he felt a greater privilege of being liked by Filipinos.



Photo Cache said...

Is he a movie star? I thought he's way too pretty. There can be such a thing as too pretty for a man, right?

Sidney said...

Are you in love, Rayts? ;-)

the donG said...

didn't know about his story. as sidney is asking, are you in love rayts?

my gulch said...

photo cache:
yes he is. but i think he started modeling and then he joined Pinoy Big Brother. from then on, he gets a lot tv exposure. not much on film i think. i am not really a fan, and i am not being defensive here. it's just that he's too nice in person and too pretty. they just don't jive for me, hehehe.

Sidney and Dom:
hahaha. you guys are funny. well, what do you guys think?! is the pit too obvious? i am just swooning. nothing more.

kyels said...

I think you're smitten w/his olive eyes, di ba?


pieterbie said...

A handsome young man indeed!

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