Monday, October 27, 2008

Keeping the milkfish fresh

putting ice to keep the fishes fresh

A boy is helping his father soak the fresh catch in icy water early in the morning at Lucap Wharf in Alaminos City, Pangasinan. This is an old practice done by local fishers to maintain the freshness of the fish keeping its skin firm and elastic and the eyes clear before they deliver them to the wet market.

I am supposed to use this image as a back cover for our magazine but one of the editorial advisers contested the idea. Why? Due to the exposure of the kid's butt-cleavage. Hearing this reason, I nearly fell from my seat.



the donG said...

nice shot indeed. i laughed a little when you mentioned here why the editorial advisers decided not to publish it.

by the way, you haven't mentioned the title of the magazine. you can just email it at thanks!

Photo Cache said...

I like this for a mag cover. I think people are too sensitive, too concerned with being PC that little ordinary things like this one is being blown out of proportion.

But I guess, they have the final say.

Great capture.

kyels said...

I still like the capture even though the butt-cleavage's showing.


redge said...

Seriously, this is a very good photograph and deserves the cover. This is something that needs to be shown to many. The "butt-cleavage comment" is funny, though.

Sidney said...

Hahahaha... funny!
So he thinks it is XXX ;-)
Bountiful catch of fishes!

pieterbie said...

It is a very good photograph indeed.
I'm afraid I could get in to trouble with that kind of photograph here as well, this kind of thing is very touchy over here.

Chris Vallancourt said...

Great shot - kids sit like this all the time - yet this appears to be less than appealing work.

my gulch said...

Hi Dom!
will e-mail you on this. thanks!

photo cache,
i also have a say but when it comes to issue like this, i usually bail out. you can't argue with this, can you? good thing i had several shots to choose from.

i think so too. besides, it's a kid. usually it's the adults who give 'malice' to this kind of shot. i dunno. we haveeditorial policy to consider for one.

hehe. funny nga.

she thinks it's not appropriate.

yea, i guess too touchy that some people don't see the humor in it.

yea, he was the only kid i saw doing the task. putting crushed ice into the fresh catch.

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