Friday, October 10, 2008

Heavy and loaded


A jeep loaded with students who badly need to go home...for free. They seem happy to see us, so they waved back.


pieterbie said...

Thank God the ones hanging on aren't waving. I hope they don't have to hang on like that for 50 miles.
Safety rules would prohibit such a thing over here.

Kyels said...

This is a very nice photo where everyone's smiling and some waving back!


the donG said...

fantastic catch! i also saw the a similar when i was traveling from iloilo to kalibo last week but instead of a jeep, it was a tricycle filled with students even on top of its roof.

Sidney said...

...for free? I doubt it...
But it looks like fun. Always smiling ...even in difficult times... that is why I love the Philippines.

I started blogging again... so you will see me around more often.

my gulch said...

@peter: while we know the safety precautions, i think these kids pretty much know what they are up to. they do this all the time. i actually dream of doing this one these days. i just don't know if i have the stamina to hold onto the rail for a long time. we call it "sabit" here.

@hi kyels: most of the people in the province are inherently friendly. and they are more friendly to people holding a camera, unlike people in the cities.

@dong: this is a culture. i've seen it everytime we travel in the provinces. maybe because of the scarcity of public vehicles particularly in remote areas or maybe we just find it find to join the risky ride. masayan yung habal-habal. i wanted to ride one of those too.

@hi Sidney: it's nice to know you're back to blogging again. Oki keeps asking about you and when you're going to blog again.

Darrix said...

Done this a couple of times when I was still in Hi-Skewl (in Cebu). Brings back a lot of memories... Nice capture rayts.

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