Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Colors of Baguio City

expensive strawberries

STRAWBERRIES being sold at the Strawberry Farm. A box costs 200 pesos.

colorful tambo

COLORFUL TAMBO (soft broom). How about dyeing my hair like that? Hmmm.


FLOWERS IN BLOOM. I spotted them in front of the new Lopez Hall of Leaders at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

I was in Baguio City last week. I was directed by my boss to cover a story in Pangasinan so we had to rush to this farm in Manaoag on a Tuesday morning. I had to finish the script the night before so we had something to work on for the video shoot. We finished the job early so we decided to pass by Baguio City first before heading back to Manila. We stayed there for two days. We went to the Strawberry Farm. There's not much strawberries this time of the year because they are not in season. A box costs 200 pesos and they are not even the best ones. We also made some sidetrips at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), and Botanical Garden and Mine's View Park among others.

This week I will be coming back again to Baguio City for another assignment. :-(



a moment ago, i was attending a meeting. i got bored. so bored i wanted to walkout in middle of a discussion. but i changed my mind. i need to be there. it's my lost if i walked out. so anyway, while ms. A and ms. E were discussing on the "issues of life" which i got bored listening to, i found myself writing a poem (which i haven't done in ages).

Blinded by colors

I came into this world
remembering nothing
– but a darkly lit room.

The night was solemn
but I didn’t know that.

Black was the first color I recognized
White was my last.

Then a yellow flick of light
cut into the night
creating shadows and funny shapes.

The glow quickly swayed
Playing and dancing
Slowly vanishing

as if someone deliberately blowed onto it.

Then there was darkness.

I felt home again.



Photo Cache said...

Now, if I could whip out a poem like that when I am in a boring meeting I would really jump for joy.

I love the second pic. Never realized the walis tambo has undergone a colorful transformation. I love it.

the donG said...

"We finished the job early" kailangan yatang i-rephrase. "We finished the job very early". hehehe... kasi nakapag-two days pa kayo sa baguio.

galing ng sidetrip.

ganda ng mga kulay sa set na to.

thanks nga pala sa email. it's really good to know the people behind the beautiful blogs.

my gulch said...

photo cache:
you'll be surprised what things i can do if i am bored. i reach my peak at midnight, when sleep is as elusive as ever, hehe. nakakatuwa nga yang mga walis tambo na yan. isang tindahan lang naman nakitaan ko ng ganyang klase, may highlights talaga.

hehehe. onga no...bale 2 days and one night lang naman. afternoon ng 2nd day baba na kami ng Manila. mas mahaba pa din yung tinarabaho. salamat din.

Anonymous said...

Very colorful images... a nice contrast to the darkness of the poem... ;-)

pieterbie said...

Love the poem.
And the colours :-)

redge said...

Wow, very familiar images.. I wish I could spot you somewhere photographing when you come back here in Baguio. :)

kyels said...

I love the first photo! Strawberries!


Ferdz said...

Ang gaganda Rayts! Parang ang exciting naman ng work mo ngayon since you get to travel and write.

my gulch said...

thanks. love your name. it was keen of you to notice the "darkness" of this poem. and hey, thanks for reading and dropping by.

thanks. appreciate it.

yea, i hope so too. i've been around session road a lots of time. nasaulo ko na ata ang mga liko-liko dyan sa baguio kakaikot. hehe

thanks! i don't fancy strawberries that much but they look good in photos.

parang hindi ata kasing exciting ng ginagawa mo. hehe

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