Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat

putting ice to keep the fishes fresh

This might be a little too late for my "supposed to be" Halloween post but who cares?

I saw a bunch of these witches on-display while covering an event at WTC in Pasay City. They're the coolest witches I've ever seen. They look rather "friendly" to me. I got caught up taking photos of these well-adorned dolls with all their huge noses, warts and pointed hats. The colors and the theme of each witch came in all sorts of variety. A witch who looks like a genius, a voracious reader, and a fashionita among others. Among these witches, I like the blue-eyed, Cher-look-alike witch. I woould have chosen the reading witch but I got caught up with this particular witch so much so that I asked one of my colleagues to take our photo. :-)



the donG said...

you mentioning about a friendly witch actually reminds me of the good witch that's in one of dora's episode. you might wonder why i watch dora. hehehe... simply because of my nephew.

my gulch said...

uy ako din peborit ko ang Dora, hehe. Dora The Explorer.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

among many halloween mask that i have seen, this is the best of them all... :)

Sidney said...

She looks friendly...but I wouldn't trust her Rayts.

my gulch said...
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my gulch said...

hi grace!
i love it too, so much so that i wanted to take it home already. hey, thanks for dropping by.

i don't usually trust my instinct anyway.

pieterbie said...

hahaha, that witch really looks funny!

kyels said...

That's a cool witch na! I think it's the coolest I've seen around. Heh.


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