Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An obscuring haze

I stand still in the middle
the road, an obscuring haze
lingering and peaceful
enveloping a forlorn soul
not one part of me got numbed.

foggy road to nothingness

Road to nothingness

such a cold breeze

It was a cold morning

a lone flower

I spotted a lone flower behind the pine tree

Like photo cache, I love fog (or at least the idea of it). I like the idea of walking on a long, narrow road with the fog coming to me. Being partly hidden, partly lost from your surroundings—it’s the most surreal feeling. The end of the road was zero visibility, but I walked anyway. And then I was happy not knowing what’s ahead.

It was just a fleeting moment of course. Slowly, the fog was gone and the road was all clear again.



Photo Cache said...

You most definitely know this post is heaven to me. Thanks.

my gulch said...

photo cache:
glad to hear. this post is actually for you, a fellow fog lover (that doesn't sound good but let's be Brit for once and pronounced it as fowg!) hehehe.

the donG said...

i too really like fogs. i remember when i went to upper tomay in la trinidad just to be with the fogs.

kyels said...

When you walk into a pathway that's foggy it reminds you of how uncertain life can be and what's going to happen next - just like how you'd wonder what is beyond the foggy road.

Sidney said...

Doesn't look like the Philippines to me... looks more like one of those gorgeous English parks.
Can we duplicate this all over the Philippines?

my gulch said...

"just to be with the fogs" hehe. i like how you constructed that phrase. glad to know you love teh fog.

well said. the fog is a good analogy for life's uncertainties.

then it wouldn't be Philippines anymore. it will never be the 'challenging tropical country' everyone knows of. besides, isn't diversity an interesting concept? if one likes to be with the fog, go to Baguio. if one likes the heat and the traffic, go to Manila. if you like the thrill, go to Mindanao. ;-)

Anonymous said...

i like the photo of the flower, I love the DOF, it's amazing... always highlights the beauty of the subject. :)

pieterbie said...

Fog can really be an added value to your picture. Of course, you don't want too much of the stuff, it can kill a picture.
Your snaps here are OK.

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