Thursday, November 13, 2008

Perhaps the truth depends on what is not out there

it's nice to look far and dream of what's beyond

I will not be here for awhile.

When I come back, I hope my hair is shorter.



Photo Cache said...

OOh, I love this shot. What a sweeping view of the valley below.

Have a wonderful time and enjoy your bloggy break.

Sidney said...

Bon voyage...enjoy the journey !
Give me a shout when you are back...

Anonymous said...

naks self-portrait. galing... :) busing-busy ah?! beauty rest muna, we all need that... sana dumating agad sa akin ang panahon na makapag-off sa work to rest a bit... :)

Enjoy (pahinga ba or mission travel ulit)!

the donG said...

as always another beautiful shot! dont forget to bring home more photos. enjoy!

kyels said...

I love this photo. Grabe! Anyway, I hope that you will come back soon and wherever you are do have fun!


pieterbie said...

What a great panorama! I like you with long hair :-)
Fare well and have fun!

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