Wednesday, November 26, 2008

They don’t call this country “The Land of Smiles” for nothing

I should have been a better storyteller highlighting only those that my reader would be interested of (say, the most bizarre things that happened, meeting interesting people, eating a cockroach or whatever that is worth telling), but being a chronological writer and a habitual for that matter, I usually start everything with airports.

I never told you but I love airports (or at least the idea of it). Some would have to disagree with me because they find it as one of the most depressing places to be in especially if you’re leaving a loved one from that place/country. I love it for the simple reason that it means I’d be away for awhile and I get to places (whatever the circumstance is) and the chance of coming back (the easiest possible) is always bright.

NAIA Airport

NAIA from the window of our boarding gate. I like the way the Thais pronounce the name, "Ninoy Aquino" when I am onboard.

Thai Airways

The flight attendant will always make you choose: "Pasta or rice?". I am a rice eater (never a pasta lover) so I never had to think twice.

Suvarnabhumhi Airport

The Suvarnabhumi Airport is perhaps one of the biggest airports I've seen so far. It took us quite awhile from the tarmac to the immigration to get our passports stamped.

This is my third time in Thailand. The first one was official, the second one was a stopover on our way to Cambodia, the third one is (again) official. I had to accompany three senior researchers to a study tour. Sounds fun, isn’t? Everything will be paid for from the airlines down to the accommodations and other expenses. I get to take photos too. Well, some things look beautiful on the surface. I still want my budget trips and backpacking adventures if you asked me. Don't get me wrong, official trips are good too. It's just that everything has to be fed to you.

it's raining in Bangkok

It was raining when we arrive in Bangkok.

When we arrived in The Land of the Smiles, it was raining. I asked our driver if it’s been raining in Bangkok the whole week and he said “only now” (while pointing down his fingers and nodding more than twice). He barely speaks English so I had to mime all the time. He survived my frantic act out. I am good with charades. :-)

our hotel

Facade of the hotel

our room

The comfty bed

After 30 minutes or so, we finally got to our destination. The host of this trip booked us to a three star business and tourist hotel in Soi Sukhumvit 22, Klongtoey. I got to the reception holding our passports for the registration. My companions were waiting for me as I tried talking to the lady in silk dress. She got us registration forms and our keys. She spelled my name wrong (which happens all the time, considering it's short and easy to remember). They always write my name with an “L” instead of “R”. Geez. Sometimes, “dele” instead of “dela”.

view from the window

We were booked at the 21st floor which has a good spot of the cityscape at night.


kyels said...

I've never been to Thailand but I'm waiting for your upcoming posts! Even though the trip's official, you still had fun which is good, di ba?

the donG said...

wow! i love staying on high rise buildings. 21st floor is really really nice.

"He survived my frantic act out. I am good with charades. :-)" >>> maybe you can try for an acting audition. hehehe... just kidding to make things even happier. looking forward for more photos.

Sidney said...

So... welcome back?
Do you have short hair now? ;-)

Wow...looks like a fun business trip.
Good you were not kept as a hostage in Bangkok's airport!

Anonymous said...

ganda ng hotel room view!!!


tr3nta said...

Nice urban view.

pieterbie said...

Looks like a nice enough hotel. I have mixed feelings about airports. I have nothing against them, but I don't like the time you need to spend in them. I like Charles de Gaulle. I seem to manage to stay there for a short while. When I was working in France I managed to get an Air France VIP lounge pass. Now those lounges are the best. Amazing.

Photo Cache said...

Thailand is such an exotic spot, one that I wanted to see for myself some day. I can't wait for more pics.

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