Tuesday, November 25, 2008

From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the chancy traffic of Hanoi…finally I am back!

Bangkok traffic

Nothing beats Manila traffic. Bangkok is simply a walk in the park. I was trying to get used to Thai's right hand drive and opted to sit beside our very friendly driver/host, Vitchu who will take us to our hotel at Rachadaphisek. I noticed how he tried to throw some glimpses at my enthusiam to take home some souvenir photos of their city.

Hanoi traffic

But while I could take the Bangkok traffic at an ease, crossing the street in Hanoi is like a suicide (well, almost). These motos drive me crazy. The rule is...the motorcycle drivers will adjust to the pedestrians and not the other way around. This shot was taken in one of the hustling streets of Hanoi on our way to Vinh Phuc Province.


I will try to post 'a little of everything' about this trip in the next few weeks. The trip lasted for a week but it felt like 'forever'. Hehehe.


Photo Cache said...

two bustling cities in a week, now that's some trip. can't wait.

pieterbie said...

I guess you'll have to bet your life on that, that they'll adjust (in time).
Good to have you back!

Anonymous said...

good thing you were able to come home in time and missed the riots. I miss Bangkok and I feel very sorry with what's happening there these days. and yes, Hanoi traffic could be very, very tricky. (",)

Ferdz said...

Ei! Your back! Looking forward to your captures. Thailand to Hanoi! Exciting!

my gulch said...

hi photo cache,
thanks. looks exciting but since this is an official trip i don't know if i'll have some exciting place to recommend.

glad to be onboard again too!

aynaku sinabi mo pa. eksaktong lipad ata namin e nagka-riot sa Bangkok. hay, suwerte pa rin. sabi nung isang kasama ko, cancelled daw ang flights sa BK ngayon dahil sa mga rally at riots na ito.

thanks, glad to be back as well.

kyels said...

Welcome back and I'll be waiting for your travelogue again!


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