Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fragile, pretty, and blue (?)

fragile dolls

We passed by a souvenir shop along Hang Dao Street in Hanoi where an array of doll displays could be found. I remember whenever someone from the office would travel to Vietnam, they always bring home this figurine dolls as pasalubong (presents/keepsake). I bought one for myself. I was torn between the pink and the blue doll. I chose the latter. I am forever blue. ;-)



Photo Cache said...

Now, why did my Vietnamese friends did not bring us this when they went back home last year :D

They are really pretty, are they porcelain? I would choose a green I think, primarily because I wouldn't be able to choose between pink and blue.

kyels said...

I have a similar figurine and was made of wood pero it was a different design.


the donG said...

amazing. ang simple ng subject yet pero ang galing naman ng kuha. galing din ng porma nila.

Ferdz said...

haha! Ang ganda ng patterns! Ayus nga to for a souvenir.

Chris Vallancourt said...

Blue was the right choice

pieterbie said...

Dunno, looks like something that has been mass produced to me. Are you sure it was not made in China?
Just joking.

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