Monday, December 15, 2008

Better not ask the obvious :-)

a pink ordinary flower amidst the many stunning ones?

It was nice to be noticed in a crowd even once in awhile (even though that was never part of the plan). But it got me curious. Why approach the obvious standoffish? Why not the "friendly ones"? Must I continue to lower my head every time you are around?

We are both stones in the wilderness. The only difference is that, you are a gem. Always the eye of the crowd (without even being aware of it).



kyels said...

I love your composition and the strong details in the photo.


Photo Cache said...

Now you got me thinking here? Are we going to hear another installment of this mini novel?

Hope your week is a blast.

Ferdz said...

I love the last line (pwedeng pickup line yun ah) as I love the picture. :)

the donG said...

the lines may be that short but it seems that it's so deep. galing sa puso.

by the way dont forget to vote for your top three desired unvisited islands in the philippines. thanks!

my gulch said...

not as sharp as i've expected but i guess it will do. i notice my eyesight is getting worse everyday. i hate wearing glasses. :-(

@photo cache:
hehe. i would have to say it's one of those "once upon a time" scenarios in my life. not as exciting as a novel should be but i hope to reach a climax once of these days. i hope your day went well.

pick-up line? sana pwede kong i-deliver yan one of these days ng may tapang at di nakayuko, hehe. thanks Ferdz sa pagbisita ng pa-ulit-ulit.

galing sa puso at balunbalunan. i've already cast my votes Dom.

pieterbie said...

I'd notice you, I'm sure I would.
Photo's don't always need to be sharp.
Have a good Christmas!

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