Thursday, December 11, 2008



On our way to Nam Dinh Province we passed by this long and narrow road. We were riding a coaster that must pass through this one way road to get through to the next village. Along the way we passed by several roadblocks. Our Vietnamese driver kept on pressing the horn because a woman carrying 4 sacks of rice on her bicycle was blocking our way. Then she looked at us with the kind of expression that says something like: "What do you want me to do?" Good thing there was an extended road on the next corner so she was able to maneuver her bike. Not far ahead, we encounter another roadblock.



Sidney said...

Now...that is hard work...
Strong image...

redge said...

Perfect capture, especially the way that you showed not only the lady with the bike and heavy load who's blocking your way, but as well as the other incoming roadblock of workers. It tells the story perfectly.

Photo Cache said...

Oh my golly, that teaches me not to whine after a "hard day's labor" infront of a computer inside an airconditioned room.

What a capture.

Rey said...

There's a feeling of local-ness in each of your entry, Rayts. and I guess that's what make your pictures effective. you got the blood of pure photojournalism in you. Keep shooting.

the donG said...

your photos always amazes me when your subject are people. specially like this one. you really captured it by heart.

galing rayts!

yan ang pinapraktis ko ngayon. maging tao naman ang subject. hehehe...

Kyels said...

A strong image and very emotive too!

Jim said...

galing ng photo. nalala ko nung nagbi-biyahe ako sa Vietnam, talagang walang tigil ang pagbusina ng mga motorista. very common ang ganitong ugali 'di lang sa Vietnam, kundi pati sa Cambodia at medyo sa Lao PDR din. :)

my gulch said...

thanks, i actually love her reaction. it was directed to the driver actually but since I was positioned at his back, it seems like she's throwing the same reaction at me. well, all of us actually.

pinakamahirap yung sumunod na roadblock. tumulong pa yung driver para buhatin yung mga hallowblocks na naka-harang para lang mag-kasya yung coaster. meantime, photo opportunity para sa amin.

@photo cache:
In Vietnam, in villages particularly, most women work in the field. they are everywhere. in construction, in the fields, they bike with huge sacks of rice, they get the water, the take care of the children. lahat ng mabibigat na trabaho ginagawa nila.

thanks...Vietnam is one of the most photogenic places I've been. Pero idol ko pa din si Sidney sa kanyang mga photojournalistic eye.

thanks. isa sa pinakamahirap para sa akin ang people and street photography. mahiyain kase ako, hehe. i hate bothering people's privacy so as much as I can, i like to position myself better. it works to have good lenses.

thanks, appreciate it.

ay naku onga no. ang hilig nilang magbusina ng malakas. ako mismong nasa loob ng sasakyan nagugulat eh. buti na lang di ko maintindihan pinagsasabi nila habang nagbubusina.

pieterbie said...

I guess that kinda takes care of the speed restrictions, provide some bottlenecks here and there.
I feel sorry for the woman and the bicycle.

the donG said...

hirap nga talaga magshoot. pero praktis praktis at lakas ng loob na rin.

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