Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunset in Hai Duong Province is

...both beautiful and complicated.


I took this shot from inside the coaster while my companions were busy getting some rest after a hectic visit at a nearby village. I've tried every possible position I could just to get a relatively "modest shot" of the sun that looked so full and yellow that late afternoon. I like how it followed and teased my window.

...fading in silence.


In Hai Duong Province, we visit a People's Committe and its members. The leader spoke in Vietnamese while a lecturer from Hanoi University, interpreted for us. It has been our routine every time we visit a village. Everything has to be said in two languages: in Vietnamese and in English for the benefits of the two groups. People in the village hardly speak English so we need an interpreter everywhere we go. But a Vietnamese speaking in English is (most of the time) difficult to understand too. While the meeting was going on, I decided to walk out without making a scene. I went at the back of the building and spotted two farmers in the field against this beautiful, orangey sunset.

...always beautiful.


I think I've stayed too much at the back that one of my colleagues spotted me from where I stood and informed me that we're leaving already. The place was too beautiful to ignore. And this shot could not even justify what I've seen. I look at my arm and saw the orangey reflection of the sun on my skin.



kyels said...

Beautiful sunsets Rayts, very.


Ferdz said...

So true. Even if Vietnamese could speak english, it's mostly going through their nose that it's hard to understand at times.

ganda nga ng sunset. It has that misty quality.

my gulch said...

thanks, i know you are a big fan of sunsets, wherever they maybe.

onga hirap ako minsan mag-notes kase di ko magets. tapos nung nag-retrieve ako ng notes para sa travel report ko, natawa ako sa mga sulat sa notes ko, barok! hehe. kakatawa, dami ding wrong grammar saka mga sketches ng taong inaantok. malamang burat na burat na ako nung time na yun. haynaku.

pieterbie said...

That orange sunset is really something!

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