Tuesday, January 13, 2009

CALERUEGA: The Transfiguration Chapel

I’ve known and heard of the place way before I even had the chance to actually be there. I had little knowledge of the place and what actually it is. I had an officemate who’s been a frequent to this place and I asked him: What is there to see? He would say: A lovely chapel. It’s beautiful there!

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to actually be there and experience the place. Located in Brgy. Kaylaway, Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas you’ll find Caleruega-- “the seedbed of preachers and the cornerstone of spiritual inspiration”.

People who seek silence, solitude, and harmony with nature find them here in Caleruega. That kills me. How could I miss such a place?

To end such disgruntling deprivation, Charl, Tet and I went there a few weeks ago. According to the brochure that was handed to us after we paid 30 pesos (each) for the entrance, “Caleruega is a house of prayer and renewal.” It is also a venue for various group activities like retreats, renewal workshop, youth camps, seminars, art, music, and more.

Being a big fan of churches (architecture-wise), our obvious stop was the Transfiguration Chapel, a very famous landmark in Caleruega.

The façade of the chapel is an actual reproduction of the original chapel in Caleruega, Spain. The whole structure breeds symbolism and meanings which were all based in the Holy Scripture.

the cross and the blue sky!

The chapel highlighting its hut-shaped roof is in remembrance of the temporary sheds that the apostles wanted to build for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah during the transfiguration.

the chapel

Façade of the chapel showing the seal of the Dominican Province of the Philippines aS depicted in stained glass in the upper portion.

at the back of the admin building

At the back of the administrative building, this serves as the main entrance going to the other attractions of the place i.e., garden, koi pond, hanging bridge, etc.


Visitors coming and going into Caleruega.

inside the chapel

Inside the chapel is the main altar featuring the stained glass that depicts the Transfiguration of Jesus as witnessed by Peter, John, and Luke.

the transfiguration

Another transfiguration image located at the facade of the chapel.


This ship is taking me far away

Far away from the memories

Of the people who care if I live or die

Starlight, I will be chasing the starlight

Until the end of my life

I don't know if it's worth it anymore.

~Muse's Starlight~


kyels said...

I love the stained glass windows. Somehow I can never find chapels like this here - especially w/those kind of pictorial stained glass.

Beautiful place po.

my gulch said...

hi kyels:
i like stained glass too. you mentioned your plan to visit Sagada right, well there's a nice church there called, St. Mary The Virgin and it has a beautiful stained glass rose window on its facade. you'll like it there.

pieterbie said...

I love the architecture! Looks like a great place to visit indeed. Not easy fotos against the sky like that.

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