Monday, January 12, 2009

Of Silhouette and Sunset


Charlotte, a friend of mine who works in China, was here a couple of weeks ago. Making the most of her 14-day Christmas vacation in the country, we went to a beach. Not to take a splash really but just to watch the sunset. It was more of a whim on my part than her or Tet who was also with us during the road trip. Our initial plan was to go to Caleruega, and had nowhere to go after that so I suggested that we wind away our time watching the sunset at a nearest beach. It was here that I asked Charl to pose a silhouette for me.


Every day I wake up and it's Sunday

Whatever's in my head won't go away

The radio is playing all the usual

What's a Wonderwall anyway?

~from Travis' Writing to Reach You~


Photo Cache said...

Oh well captured moment of joy. 14 days in the homeland, I too will jump for joy.

the donG said...

hahaha... nice silhouette shot rayts. is this a beach in nasugbu?

kyels said...

Nice silhouette shot Rayts. And I love the hue too.


redge said...

Beautiful, you captured the moment perfectly. You also captured a lot details on the background, especially on those small waves and the island, which really completes the shot.

Btw, I like that Travis song a lot. Their album The Man Who is one best albums I've heard.

my gulch said...

@photo cache:
she did jump for joy and eventually got back to sulking when her last day was over.

yep. somewhere in Nasugbu actually. we just found this resort with not much people around and has a good spot to view the sunset.

thanks a lot. :-)

good to hear. i am a big fan of all Travis albums. i agree, The Man Who is one of their bests if not the best. Why does it always rain on me? has been my nationa anthem, hehe.astig.

Ferdz said...

Love the photo rayts! I can feel the elation of the scene. Ganda rin the tones and texture ng sunset dito. Say hi to Charlotte for me.

Love travis' album as well. Very soothing to the ears.

my gulch said...

Hi Ferdz!

Will do that. she's also a frequent of your blog and flicker account (not to mention an avid fan of your works), hehe.

yea, Travis rocks!

pieterbie said...

Looks like she is in great shape! Love that sunset as well.
What a way to spend Christmas.

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