Friday, January 30, 2009



I had fun taking this photo at a children's party. I don't know who thought of this game but the kids need to kiss their partners for a few seconds in order to get the pot money. It turned out that some of the participants are both boys.

This image was taken using my old (and still very reliable) Nikon F55 35mm SLR. The image was scanned from the printed image.



Anonymous said...

hot! haha!
parang si P at Ds. ehehe.


paoruiz said...

bwahahahah! i cant stop from laughing. lmao!

Photo Cache said...

see what one does for money :)

Sidney said...

Hahahaha... some where lucky to kiss beautiful girls while others had to kiss boys...
Life is definitely unfair ! ;-)

pieterbie said...

Love is all around :-)

my gulch said...

si P at si D? eww. yoko atang isipin.

lalo na kung andun ka mismo sa party, kawawang mga bata, hehe. feeling ko di naman sila mahihiya kung wala lang matatanda na binibigyan ng malisya yung "kiss".

@photo cache:
agree. i just made it worst for them i think, having to immortalize the moment by taking their photos.

Life has never been fair.

love and fun too.

the donG said...

hahaha... now they know who their first kiss is.

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